6-Day Brazil Tour: Rio de Janeiro - Iguazu Falls
Product Code: 2004-114994


  • • Iguazu Falls
  • • Day at leisure in Rio to enjoy the world-renowned beaches
  • • Daily breakfast and hotel taxes
  • • Always small groups, 10 - 14 people
Tour Code
6 days
Departure City
Rio de Janeiro
End City
Foz do Iguazu
Tour Type:

Experience: Cultural, UNESCO, Nature, Family

Learn about local culture with in-depth tours and activities; Visit locations designated as World Heritage Sites by the United Nations; Get in touch with Mother Earth; Enjoy activities and tours that are perfect for the whole family

Style: Guided

Multiple local tour guides/drivers available throughout your tour/activity

Group Type: Small group

Take an intimate and semi-private trip with a small group

Activity Level: Moderate

Designed for travelers in good health who are comfortable with light walking or hiking

Quality: Standard

Travel with professional guides, enjoy more time at attractions and/or stay at comfortable accommodations

Day 01
Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Hotel: Windsor Leme or similar

Today you'll arrive in sunny Rio de Janeiro and meet your driver at the airport for your hotel shuttle transfer.

For bookings with 2 or more rooms please indicate how the travelers will be paired together in the "Reservation Request" box during booking.

Visiting Attractions

Day 02
Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Hotel: Windsor Leme or similar

Today, enjoy Rio at your own pace and explore its world-renowned beaches.

Or take a fall day city tour to visit Rio's downtown area (additional cost). Your group will start at the gorgeous Copacabana and you'll set off on a panoramic tour. First, you'll pass by the Sambodrome and a stop at the Metropolitan Cathedral, a fantastic archaeological and historical structure..

Then, you'll familiarize yourself with the traditional Cinelandia Square, home to many historical buildings, including the Municipal Theater, the National Library and the National Museum of Fine Arts. Via the Aterro do Flamengo, you will be taken to the neighborhood of Urca where one of the largest symbols of the city is located: Sugar Loaf.

You’ll travel all the way to the top in two steps by cable car. The first cable car takes us to Urca Hill, a vantage point 215 meters high for which already grants beautiful views of Guanabara Bay and its islands, the Rio-Niterói Bridge and Corcovado Mountain.

From this stage, a second cable car takes us up to the top. At 395 meters we’ll enjoy splendid views of Copacabana beach, the Santa Cruz fortress and several beaches of Niterói.

After riding the Cable car back down, returned to the hotel.

Breakfast is included.
Day 03
Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Hotel: Windsor Leme or similar

Today, you can continue to soak up the sun at Rio's amazing beaches, explore on your own, or take another optional tour (at additional cost). Our favorites include the nearby colonial city of Petropolis, site of the emperor’s summer palace, or a jeep excursion in Tijuca Forest, the world’s only national park within a major city.

Breakfast is included.

Visiting Attractions

Day 04
Foz do Iguazu

Rio de Janeiro - Foz do Iguazu (Airfare not included)

Hotel: Bourbon Cataratas Convention & Spa Resort or similar

Today you'll say goodbye to Rio and fly to Foz do Iguazu, where you'll transfer to the hotel.

Breakfast is included.

Visiting Attractions

Day 05
Foz do Iguazu

Foz do Iguazu

Hotel: Bourbon Cataratas Convention & Spa Resort or similar

Today you can enjoy the splendor of Foz do Iguazu or take an optional tour (at additional cost).

The tour to the Falls one of nature's most impressive achievements-the locals call them "Big Waters," but you'll call them simply unforgettable as you explore the Brazilian side of Iguazu .Comprising a spectacular display of 250 giant cascades twice the height of Niagara Falls, Iguacu Falls plunges over hard granite to a gorge 260 feet below. Nature's incredible power is revealed in the thunderous roar of crashing water, and in the magic of the rainbow-colored mist that rises from the cliffs.

This is a chance to see a Wonder of the World first-hand.

Breakfast offered

Visiting Attractions

Day 06
Foz do Iguazu

Foz do Iguazu

Today you'll say farewell to Brazil and transfer to the airport for your next adventure.

Breakfast is included.

Visiting Attractions


Package Includes

  • Round trip transfers from airport to hotel
  • Daily breakfast and hotel taxes

Package Excludes

  • Airfare (Home-Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro-Foz do Iguazu)
  • All personal expenses.
  • Our suggestions for daily tipping are the following: (U.S. dollars are always accepted as tips) At Restaurants: No tip required(10 percent is routinely included in the bill for "serviço"). Drivers: $ 2.00 to $ 5.00/person
    Tour Guide: $ 10.00 to $ 20.00/person
    House Keepers: $ 2.00/person
    Porters: $ 1.00 per luggage per person
Special Notes
  • For bookings with 2 or more rooms please indicate how the travelers will be paired together in the "Reservation Request" box during booking.
  • Tour packages are completely non-refundable & non-transferable once confirmed.
  • Names on reservations must match the information included in your passport(s). You are responsible for providing us with your legal first and last names as they are shown on your passport. Once your package is processed, name changes are NOT allowed.
  • American citizens are required to obtain consular visa to visit Brazil.
  • Customers can arrive and depart at any time and be offered complimentary pick-up and drop-off.
  • Brazilian Visas:
  • Brazil maintains a reciprocal visa policy whereby a visa is required by any citizen of any country requiring Brazilian citizens to obtain a visa. U.S., Canadian and Australian citizens REQUIRE a visa . You should check with the Brazilian Embassy or consulate having jurisdiction for your specific area of residence for the very latest visa information.If you require a visa, it can be obtained by application to Brazilian Embassy or consulate the having jurisdiction for your specific area of residence. Once issued, a visa must be used to enter Brazil within 90 days of its issue date.
  • Immigration & Customs:
  • 1. When you arrive, you will need to clear both Brazilian immigration and customs. Your airline should distribute immigration and customs forms for you to fill out before your arrival. There will be different immigration lines for Brazilian citizens and foreigners.
    2. At immigration, make sure you get your passport stamped and keep the copy of the entry form that you are given. Don't lose it. You'll need to surrender this entry form copy to immigration officials upon your departure from Brazil. If you don't have your passport stamped or lose your copy of the entry form, you'll have to be specially cleared by the Federal Police before being allowed to leave the country and you could be fined. All American citizens are both photographed and fingerprinted as part of their immigration clearance process.
  • Brazilian Currency:
  • 1. Brazil's currency unit is the real (plural = reais) and is made up of 100 centavos.
    2. The real is issued in denominations of 1 real (1 real notes have been discontinued but the coin is everywhere), 2 reais, 5 reais, 10 reais, 20 reais, 50 reais and 100 reais.
    3. Centavos are issued in denominations of 1 centavo (discontinued and rarely seen), 5 centavos, 10 centavos, 25 centavos and 50 centavos.
    4. It's best to carry nothing larger than 10 or 20 reais bank notes. This will make it easier to make small purchases as well as easier for small vendors, stores, and restaurants to provide you with change.
    5. You will have no need for any reais until you have fully exited Brazilian immigration and customs so avoid exchanging money at your departure airport in North America or Europe. Money exchanges at departure airports outside Brazil usually provide a very poor exchange rate. The international airports in Rio de Janeiro (Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport) have several bank operated, money exchange booths just outside the immigration and customs area. The airport also has money exchange offices throughout the city and some hotels offer currency exchange. Traveler's checks are almost impossible to use anywhere except the very largest cities, and even then, only at certain currency exchanges.
    6.Caution:especially when dealing with money, keep in mind that, in Brazil, the use of commas (,) and periods (.) expressed in numbers is exactly the opposite of what is used in the United States. Brazilians use a period (.) instead of a comma (,) —to delineate thousands— and a comma (,) instead of a period (.) —to delineate fractions. Normally, an amount in reais is written as R$, consequently, R$ 6,00 (with a comma) is six reais and R$ 6.000 (with a period) is six thousand reais. Likewise, for amounts with fractions (centavos), it's 1.045,25 instead of 1,045.25 (one thousand, forty five reais and twenty five centavos) or R$ 10,25 instead of R$ 10.25 (ten reais and twenty five centavos).
  • Using Credit & Debit Cards:
  • 1. Using a credit or debit card can be an ideal way to avoid carrying more cash than you require for just incidental expenses. Most hotels, restaurants, and stores in Brazil readily accept Visa and Master Card.
    2. If you intend to use your Visa or Master Card credit card(s) in Brazil, you may also want to alert the bank that issued your card(s) that you will be traveling in Brazil and using your card there. Some banks have been known to block a card when it is used in an area they consider 'abnormal' for the card.
  • Safety & Security:
  • 1. The vast majority of all Brazilians are honest, forthright, hardworking people. Like any society, especially in the larger urban areas.
    2. Don't carry large amounts of cash with you on the street.
    3. Don't carry what you're not going to need and use during any excursion. Make Xerox copies of your passport picture/information page(s) and Brazilian visa page and carry only these with you for identification. Some travelers carry a "fake" wallet in their back pocket. It's only stuffed with paper and a couple reais but provides a pickpocket or mugger with a "conquest" if one should be encountered.
  • Health Issues:
  • 1. Almost all Brazilian cities have treated water supplies. Either way, you're probably not going to get sick from drinking the water, anything washed in it or ice cubes made from it.
    2. If your travel plans include time at the beach, limit your exposure to the sun to recommended time limits and use a sun block with a rating of 30 or more.
    3. Numerous farmácias (pharmacies) or drogarias (drug stores) are located throughout Brazil.
  • Clothing:
  • The Brazilians tend to dress very nicely, so do the same if you want to fit in. It’s best not to wear yellow and green together as these are the colors of the Brazilian flag.
  • Recommended yellow fever vaccination:
  • 1. A yellow fever vaccination is recommended for travelers visiting the following Brazilian states: Bahia, Espírito Santo, Paraná, Piauí, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, São Paulo.
    2. In addition, a yellow fever vaccination is compulsory for all travelers visiting the following Brazilian states: Acre, Amazonas, Amapá, Distrito Federal, Goiás, Maranhão, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso, Pará, Rondônia, Roraima, Tocantins.
  • Food & Restaurants:
  • Most restaurants where you order from the menu (and have a waiter) will automatically add a 10% service charge to your conta (bill). This is the waiter's tip. Unless the service was exceptional and/or very personal, there's no need to leave anything additional. Many restaurants cannot add the tip to a credit card charge and the waiter may inform you of this fact as he points out his uncharged 10% on the conta (bill). He'll want cash.
  • Electricity:
  • Electric current in Brazil varies widely—from 100 to 127 volts or 220 to 240 volts and from 50 to 60Hz—even within the same city, building, apartment or office. Be aware before you plug in any electrical device. Some cities in Brazil only use 220 volts. While many hotels clearly label electrical outlets, others don't. If you're in doubt, ask first. Check the power adapters of you laptop, battery chargers and other electric appliances before you go. Many are designed to automatically accommodate input current from 110 to 250 volts while others are only for 110. Some are switchable and others not. If you have something that only accepts 110 volts, you may want to consider purchasing a voltage adapter before you travel. Also be aware that many electrical outlets in Brazil that will only accept a standard Brazilian two round prong plug. You may need a plug adapter.
  • Depending on your arrival time, your hotel room may not be available until the afternoon. Most hotels allow check-in between 1:00pm-3:00pm, however some charge a fee for early check-in. Please check at the hotel desk to see if you may store your luggage at the hotel if you wish to explore the city on your own before check-in.
  • This tour/activity is overseen by a select local operator in the region. Upon booking your tour or activity and after receiving confirmation, you will be issued an e-ticket detailing the local operator's name and contact information. If you require assistance finding a specific tour, please contact us for more information.

Pricing Info

Your reservation is always subject to confirmation by email, normally within one to two business days.

*Price for Single Occupancy applies when one person stays in one standard hotel room.
*price for Double Occupancy applies when two people stay in one standard hotel room.
*Prices are per person and based on double occupancy.
*Prices for vacation packages are subject to change without notice.
*All prices are expressed in US dollars.
*The tour requires a minimum of 2 people.

Reservation Info

    1.Immediately after submitting your reservation you will receive a Receipt of Reservation via email.
    2. Within one to two business days of submitting your reservation you will receive a confirmation email from us. If you need to book an airline ticket, we recommend that you do so after you receive a confirmation of your tour reservation from us.
    3. An E-Ticket will be sent to you via email as soon as details of your reservation are confirmed or your supporting information is received by us. We will provide you with all detailed information about your tour on the E-Ticket. Contact information for local tour provider will be included on E-Ticket for your convenience or re-confirmation purpose if re-confirmation is required.
    4. Simply print your E-Ticket and present it with your valid photo ID on the day of your activity to your tour guide. Please remember E-Ticket is your proof of purchase.

Terms and Conditions

    - Your purchase does not guarantee confirmation. Your purchase will initiate a reservation process. We will confirm with you via email within one to two business days.
    - Prices may vary due to availability. We reserve the right to make price adjustment without prior notice.
    - Please refer to our Standard Amendment, Cancellation and Refund Policy before you make reservation.
    - Please refer to Customer Agreement before you make reservation.
    - Local tour provider reserves the right to make modifications to tour arrangements including order of tour activities, hotel and its location if deemed necessary.

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