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Los Angeles Union Station Celebrates it's 75th Anniversary

Los Angeles Union Station Celebrates it's 75th Anniversary

Union Station will be celebrating its 75th Anniversary this Saturday, May 3rd, with a line of events scheduled to celebrate this iconic railway station! The celebrations will start with a rededication ceremony hosted by Metro at the station’s Old Ticket Concourse at 10 a.m. Guests can expect live music, dancing and food for the rest of the day; there will also be children live theater performances on stages set up around the station.

Expect to see many cultural and diverse acts, including mariachi, Chinese lion dancers and martial art troupes, just to name a few. Performances like these should be expected, being that Los Angeles is a diverse and cultural city that admires their historic and influential station.

Antique train cars will also be displayed, as well as antique art, all of them exhibiting pieces of Union Station’s history. Union Station was completed in 1939 and was the last grand rail station built in the U.S. Today, Union Station serves around 60,000 people a day; many people of different cultures walk through the doors of Union Station with something in common: a destination!

Celebrate this historical Los Angeles event this Saturday, May 3rd. Celebrations start at 10am and are expected to end at 4pm!


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