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100% That's the great tour
By: Phraorung Pisithkul | Tue Feb 09, 2016 at 12.29 PM
The tour was great and the guide was took a good care of us too I've been there many years ago. and i'm gonna take it again
100% Amazing!
By: Gabrielle Rusca | Tue Feb 02, 2016 at 02.04 PM
The tour was great, our tour guide for the last three days was awesome! The itinerary is good, we could see a lot of things especially in San Francisco. Loved it!
100% Great!
By: Gabrielle Rusca | Tue Feb 02, 2016 at 02.02 PM
Everything was good, breakfast is great, amazing accommodation.
90% We just returned from a 4 day whale watching tour last week.
By: Prahlladrao Govindrao | Mon Feb 01, 2016 at 08.05 PM
I live in South California and it's my first time to Mexico. We were very satisfied with everything and were also amazed to have met and really enjoyed the company of the other travelers we were paired with.

The drive down was long(580mi!) but very enjoyable. It is a scenic trip and we saw a lot of native species of cactus. Everyone had a terrific time thanks to Fernando's attention to detail, knowledge of BAJA etc.

It's a Eco-tour! We had the BEST time in the world on our whale watching trip to Guerrero Negro The lagoon at Guerrero Negro is amazing! there were so many whales playing out there and we were so amazed! It's incredible to be out in the lagoon. We saw many mothers and babies at both places and even saw whales mating!

Highlights#2: It's a historic/culture tour! The tour is very informative and has provided us with information on local culture and history. We saw the biggest salt-making facility on the planet and knowing the history behind it. The winery gave us a tour which was an overview of the wine making process from the old time to current technology way. Me and my friends have learned so much about Mexican culture and their history.

Highlights#3: It's definitely a foodie tour! We have eaten at most of the nice restaurants and they are wonderful.Lobsters, local fresh-made foods, and of course wines. It will change your impression of Mexico food.

Cons: Hotel wifi signals are not very strong, but it's understandable since we are in Mexico. So, just enjoy the great views of the hotel beaches :)
5-Day Western Europe Tour

**Paris departure**

100% Worth Spending Trip
By: Edres Sacurat | Sun Jan 31, 2016 at 07.59 PM
its my first europe trip and i had so much fun together with my friend..geno our tour leader was so nice..i would highly recommend this tour to everyone..its a woth spending trip..
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