About Akureyri

Nicknamed the "Capitol of North Iceland," Akureyri is a major fishing port and harbor on the northern Icelandic coast. Originally a small viking settlement in the 9th century, the town grew rapidly during WWII as a major air base for Allied forces, and during the 20th century as a whole urban areas grew throughout Iceland as individuals moved from the countryside to the new industries that sprung up in the cities. Today the town remains a major cultural center in North Iceland and hosts the Akureyri International Music Festival annually.

Attractions around Akureyri

Godafoss Waterfalls

Within the Skjálfandafljót river flows Godafoss, a legendary, horseshoe shaped waterfall of North Central Iceland. Translated as "waterfall of the gods," the falls played an important part in Icelandic history. To settle disputes between the growing Christian population and Norse worshiping Icelandics, Lawspeaker and Chieftain Thorgeir Ljosvetningagodi decided to convert all of Iceland to Christianity and, to show his faith, cast the Norse gods into the falls.

  • Godafoss Waterfalls

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