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100% Great experience
By: Catalina De Angulo | Sat Oct 21, 2017 at 04.17 AM
We had a great experience traveling with a toddler and 3 kids! Its really strict with the time but is the only way you can do all activities. The hotel was awesome we had an amazing view. The food court is expensive (coming from NY) they said it was taxes but I thought it was a high price and it wasn't that good, there is a hard rock crossing the street but you only knows once you have eat and leave the food court. The tour guide was friendly but we had an issue and the only way to solve the problem was threatening us they may we must leave the bus in the middle of nowhere with 4 underage. Not good at all getting an amendable conclusion for both people involve. We were not the only ones another group were also asked to get down of the bus once she was asking for the tour guide and driver fee that is 8 per person per day. My daughter uber two had to pay for it too. That is also something people are confused with, that fee is not clear once you book the tour.
100% Washington visit
By: Muhammad Janjua | Fri Oct 20, 2017 at 05.58 AM
It was Excellant Trip. Well organized . Tour guide Kitty impressed . Very cooperative and active.Timing for presidency visit was too early. Needs to be scheduled after sun arises . All was good .
100% My short journey to New York
By: Sherryll Sanchez | Thu Oct 19, 2017 at 03.47 PM
Enzo is a very accommodating host. At first Im having difficulty to find his place so I called him to guide me further. He told me to stay where am I and he will pick me up. From that moment I know that I can rely on him and I was not mistaken. He assisted me very well in all my needs and even guided me how to reach a place where I want to go. His place is very cozy, compact but everything is there. Even his place is in Times Square, you wont feel crowded, loud. You will have a good sleep when you stay in his place because its quite and peaceful. His place is also clean and neat. And most of all he is a sweet person. His place is highly recommendable to all solo travelers, couple who would like to stay in New York.
100% My short journey to New York
By: Sherryll Sanchez | Thu Oct 19, 2017 at 03.42 PM
Thanks to Libi our tour guide, she is so knowledgeable on all the places we went. The tour is so compact but everything is there. I just hope they will include white palace tour in the Itinerary. Nevertheless, its worthy. But I hope they can include in the online payment the charges for all the attractions. Coz not all carry cash, if they do, they have only small amount in their purse.
100% Mr
By: Tapan Patra | Tue Oct 17, 2017 at 02.13 AM
I like the tour guide. He was really very good and entertaining person...the driver was very exprienced person. Overall I enjoyed the trip verymuch.
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