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Tours4Fun offers thousands of package products - tours, activities, excursions, adventures, admission tickets, city passes, hotel accommodations, shuttle services, and the list goes on – on a B2C platform streamlined for ease of navigation and purchase.

We are currently seeking new partners eager to promote the products and services currently available on our site. To qualify you need only operate a high-quality website and/or a brick-and-mortar agency with a high volume of traffic. Travel-related content is a plus, but not required.

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Integration Options

We have several types of partner tools to help you earn.
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Search Widget

Search widget

  • Best for:
  • Active, high-traffic travel website with relevant content
  • Minimal technical expertise
  • Benefits:
  • Rapid, dynamic, and automated solution to boost sales
  • Automate Tours4Fun search results on your websites based on your destination
  • Easy implementation
  • Earn commission on every eligible transaction
White Label

White label

  • Best for:
  • Active, high-traffic travel website with relevant content
  • Moderate to advanced technical expertise
  • Benefits:
  • Quick and easy way to build your own custom-branded travel site
  • Expand your travel inventory to serve current and new customers
  • No set-up, maintenance, and development costs
  • Earn commission on every eligible transaction


1. Is there a fee for signing up?

No, membership is free. There is no initial or ongoing membership fee for the Tours4fun Partner Program.

2. Will I receive a notice once I've been accepted?

You will receive email confirmation of your acceptance into the Tours4fun Partner Program. Tours4fun reserves the right to accept or reject applications for the Tours4fun Partner Program or revoke an existing membership at any time.

3. How do I log in to the affiliate platform?

Tours4fun Affiliates can access the affiliate log-in page here.

4. Is the Partner Program open to all agencies worldwide, irrespective of location?

You can be virtually anywhere in the world and run the Tours4fun Partner Program. Tours4fun Partner Sites are available in English and Spanish. Commission is calculated in US dollars. We pay non-US affiliates via PayPal and US affiliates by check.

5. Can I use the same Tours4fun Partner account for all of my websites?

Yes, you can use the same Tours4fun Partner platform across any number of websites. Should you require a different header or footer for your partner accounts, you may register each additional website separately.

6. I run a brick-and-mortar agency. Can I still be a Tours4fun Partner?

The Tours4fun Partner platform is designed to work with an active website; however, you are welcome to register a future website for development purposes.

1. What are my responsibilities as a Tours4fun Partner?

You must display and promote Tours4fun products as specified without altering and/or manipulating the information or the links.
You must also receive and respond to emails from Tours4fun Customer Service regarding issues unrelated to Tours4fun products.

2. What are Tours4fun's responsibilities?

• We provide you with the tools and support you need to maximize Tours4fun product bookings.
• We receive and respond to all email communications from customers.
• We process bookings and billings for all customers ordering Tours4fun products through your website.
• We respond to all technical issues and product enquiries.

3. Are Tours4fun images available for use on my own site?

The images and text offered as part of the Tours4Fun affiliate program are specifically for the purpose of preparing news articles, analysis, and other reports about Tours4fun. If you access and use this material, you agree that you will not:
• Use the images in a way that suggests you have a relationship or partnership with Tours4fun.
• Modify or distort any of the images provided.
• Use the images in a way that is in any way objectionable to Tours4fun, or in a way that infringes Tours4fun copyright, including all trademarks and logos.
We reserve the right to terminate your permission to use these images at any time. We also reserve the right to take action against any use of images that does not conform to these terms and conditions, or that infringes any of our intellectual property rights. Your use of these images does not confer any right, license, title or interest in any of Tours4fun's service marks, trademarks or other material.

4. How do I update my Tours4fun Partner information?

Once you become a Tours4fun Partner, your e-mail address will be used to identify your account. If you need to update your e-mail address, you will need to create a new account. Your billing address should be the same as that listed on your W-9. If you need to change your address, you will need to send an updated W-9 to affiliate@tours4fun.com.

5. I'm getting errors regarding moved URLs or "Pricing currently unavailable." What do I do?

If you come across a white page that says "Your URL has moved, click here..." or "Pricing is currently being loaded" it's because 1) The product page or the price quote page has been bookmarked; or 2) you are displaying hardcoded links to products that may no longer be active, are no longer in season, or have been assigned a new product code.

6. Can I customize my Tours4fun pages?

Yes. In addition to the standard themes, displaying your own logo, and adding your own navigation links, a special CSS feature in the set-up stage allows you to change colors and other features to better conform to the format and style of your own website.

7. Can I select the products that appear in the searches, or on the featured product pages?

You may select which pages appear on your website, but you may not select the products that appear on those pages. For example, you may opt to include only North American cities, or perhaps only a single city, but you cannot select the products that appear on those pages. As an affiliate you have access to another tool that allows you to build your own pages with featured products of your choosing.

8. Will I need to update links?

No. Links and products are taken directly from our real-time product database.

9. Where should I position the links and/or product pages?

We will provide you with a list of custom links to use on your website. The more prominent the links, the more likely you are to make sales.

1. How do I get commission?

After you register with the Tours4Fun Partner Network, you will be assigned a Partner ID, which we will use to track visitors coming from your site to Tours4fun.com by way of a tracking cookie.
If you do not have a website, you may place an order online at Tours4Fun.com or Tours4fun.es by appending ?ref= followed by your affiliate ID to the end of the URL. For example, if your affiliate ID is 1234567, then you would paste http://www.tours4fun.com?ref=1234567 into the address bar. If you already know the URL of the product you would like to order, then you can add the specified code followed by your affiliate ID to said URL (e.g. http://www.tours4fun.com/kaneohe-bay-sightseeing-snorkeling-tour.html?ref=1234567) and proceed to the checkout page. You will then receive the commission for this particular booking. Should you have any questions about placing an order, please feel free to call us toll-free at 1-866-933-7368, or 1-626-389-8668 if you are calling internationally.

2. When will I receive payment and what's the percentage?

Tours4fun pays a commission of 5% of the gross retail price (excluding taxes and fees) on all Tours4fun products sold through your site.
Commission shall be paid in the month directly following the calendar month in which the customer participated in the tour, cruise or activity. Commission is paid via Paypal for non-US affiliates, and by check for US affiliates.

3. Is there a way to track commissions I've earned?

We will provide access to data on your customers' bookings. This data is updated daily via an online administrative interface accessible only to you.

4. Do I earn commission on bookings I make myself?

Yes. When you complete a booking with us through your website, you earn the same commission on your booking that you would on that booked by your customers.

5. What happens if a customer cancels?

If a customer cancels a booking, or if credit card charges are reversed, the booking in question will be voided, and no commission will be earned.

6. How does Tours4fun track bookings from my site?

When your customer books a Tours4fun product via your website, Tours4fun is able to determine the path from the unique ID assigned to you when you enrolled in the partner program. This ID is included in all bookings generated from your website.

7. Can I access recent booking activity from my website?

As part of your partner account, you will receive access to the activity log for all Tours4fun bookings. Data available online do not display cancellations or amendments made by passengers after the initial booking, but the final sale and exact number of transactions completed will be provided with your commission statement.

8. When they check their credit card or bank statements, how will my customers know which transactions were paid to Tours4fun?

Tours4fun bookings will be displayed on the customer's bank and/or credit card statement as "Online Travel by Tours4fun".

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