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8-Day Dynamic Guatemala Tour
Product Code: 2004-116371


  • • Tour Atitlan by boat
  • • Visit Chichicastenango
  • • City tour in Antigua
  • • Guatemala City
  • • Santiago
  • • La Antigua
  • • Airfare Guatemala - Flores - Guatemala included
  • • Guided excursion of Tikal
  • • Guided excursion of Yaxha
  • • Tour to Ixpanpajul
  • • Tour to Pacaya Volcano
  • • Tour to coffee plantation with zip lines
  • • Always small groups, 10 - 14 people
  • • Complimentary airport transfers
Tour Code
8 days
Departure City
Guatemala City
End City
Antigua, Guatemala
Tour Type:

Experience: Cultural, UNESCO, Nature, Family

Learn about local culture with in-depth tours and activities; Visit locations designated as World Heritage Sites by the United Nations; Get in touch with Mother Earth; Enjoy activities and tours that are perfect for the whole family

Style: Escorted

Tour director/guided escort is available from the beginning to the end of the vacation

Group Type: Small group

Take an intimate and semi-private trip with a small group

Activity Level: Moderate

Designed for travelers in good health who are comfortable with light walking or hiking

Quality: Standard

Travel with professional guides, enjoy more time at attractions and/or stay at comfortable accommodations

Day 01
Guatemala City

Guatemala City

Hotel: Barceló Hotel or similar

Upon arrival at the airport, you will be met by one of representatives to assist you in transferring you to your hotel.

Visiting Attractions

Day 02
Guatemala City

Guatemala City - Chichicastenango - Lake Atitlan

Hotel: Villa Santa Catarina Hotel or similar

Begin the day with breakfast at your hotel. You will depart to the Guatemalan Highlands where it is still possible to see the living Maya culture.

You will visit Chichicastenango. There you will visit the most famous market in all Latin American which boasts of color and tradition.

In the afternoon, you will be transferred to Lake Atitlan, one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. The majestic volcanoes are possible through special landscape that surrounds the beautiful lake.

Breakfast is included.

Visiting Attractions

Day 03
Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan - Santiago - Guatemala City

Hotel: Barceló Hotel or similar

Begin your third day with breakfast at your hotel. During the morning, we will cross the Lake Atitlan by boat to visit Santiago Atitlan. It is a Tzutuhil town, located at the banks of the lake.

Afterwards, you will be transferred back to Guatemala City.

Breakfast is included.

Visiting Attractions

Day 04

Guatemala City - Yaxhá - Ixpanpajul - Petén Area

Hotel: Villa Maya Hotel or similar

Be prepared for an early morning because you will fly to Flores to visit the spectacular Mayan City, Yaxhá.

After lunch, you will proceed to Ixpanpajul to take an adventure tour where you will walk over its hanging bridges through its lovely jungles. Here you will have the chance to enjoy of the flora and fauna of this unique region.

Breakfast is included.
Day 05
Antigua, Guatemala

Petén Area - Tikal - Antigua

Hotel: Villa Colonial Hotel or similar

Following breakfast, you will visit the heart of the classic Maya period, Tikal. You will have lunch at the site and then return to Flores to take your flight back to Guatemala City.

Upon your arrival, you will be transferred to La Antigua by one of our representatives.

Breakfast and lunch are included.
Day 06
Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua - Pacaya Volcano - Antigua

Hotel: Villa Colonial Hotel or similar

After breakfast, you will depart in a 4x4 vehicle (self-driven) to enjoy among mountains, volcanoes, and indigenous villages. You will arrive at the slopes of Pacaya Volcano and will start, right at that spot, to climb the volcano. Enjoy of this spectacular landscape, observing the activity of this nature wonder. Afterwards, you will return to your hotel.

Breakfast is included.
Day 07
Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua - Finca Filadelfia - Antigua

Hotel: Villa Colonial Hotel or similar

Have breakfast before departure to Finca Filadelfia to visit a coffee plantation and see the full process on how they make the strong Guatemalen coffee. Along the way you can enjoy of the marvelous landscape of Antigua Valley.

The plantation tour will end with the taste of the region's spectacular coffee prepared by local baristas. To finish the day we'll ride a cable car through the region, touring the region from 150 meters high.

Afterwards, you will then return to your hotel.

Breakfast is included.

Visiting Attractions

Day 08
Antigua, Guatemala

La Antigua

Begin your last day in Guatemala with breakfast and be prepared for transfer to the international airport for your departure at the appropriate time.

Breakfast is included.

You will be informed of transfer times by your guide, usually after breakfast and check out. Earlier transfers can be arranged if needed once flight details are known.

Visiting Attractions


Package Includes

  • Complimentary airport transfers (Pick-up and drop-off can be arranged as required.)
  • Airfare Guatemala - Flores - Guatemala
  • 7-night hotel accommodations
  • 8 meals: 7 breakfasts and 1 lunch
  • Tour to Chichicastenango
  • Tour Atitlan by boat
  • Guided excursion of Tikal
  • Guided excursion of Yaxha
  • Tour to Ixpanpajul
  • Tour to Pacaya Volcano
  • Tour to coffee plantation with zip lines
  • Transfers throughout the itinerary
  • English speaking guides & representatives

Package Excludes

  • Transportation between your home and Guatemala City
  • Additional fee for upgrade hotels (Please contact us for a quote if you wish to upgrade)
  • Travel insurance
  • All personal expenses
  • Our suggestions for daily tipping are the following:
    Drivers: $2.00 to $5.00/person
    Tour Guide: $10.00 to $20.00/person
    House Keepers: $2.00/person
    Porters: $1.00 per luggage
Special Notes
  • For bookings with 2 or more rooms please indicate how the travelers will be paired together in the "Reservation Request" box during booking.
  • Tour packages are completely non-refundable & non-transferable once confirmed.
  • Names on reservations must match the information included in your passport(s). You are responsible for providing us with your legal first and last names as they are shown on your passport. Once your package is processed, name changes are NOT allowed.
  • Visa
    U.S. citizens do not need a visa for a stay of 90 days or less. That period can be extended for an additional 90 days upon application to Guatemalan immigration.
  • Electricity
    Voltage in Guatemala is 110V and the power outlets are American type (= two parallel metal plates one being slightly bigger than the other). Make sure your electrical devices are compatible.
  • Suggested Items
    While on the trip remember to carry some bottled water with you to avoid dehydration. You should also carry some sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, mosquito repellent and the business card of the hotel you are staying at. A small calculator might be also useful, as well as a small dictionary.
  • Communication
    Local calls to line or mobile numbers from a foreign mobile phone while in Guatemala must precede the code for international long distance (00) + country code (502) + 8-digit Guatemalan phone number.
    Calls to your country of origin or any other country besides Guatemala must precede the code for international long distance (00) + country code + the number to be reached.
    Text messages to a mobile phone in Guatemala must precede the code for international long distance (00) + country code (502) + 8-digit number in Guatemala.
  • Clothing
    Always check the weather report before your departure. If you will be traveling in altitudes higher than 1200 meters (such as Antigua, Panajachel and Guatemala City), you will probably need a light jacket or sweater for the evenings. In altitudes above 2000m (Chichicastenango, Quetzaltenango, Huehuetenango), it can become chilly after sunset so a jacket is recommended.
    During the daytime, it is likely to be warm in all regions of Guatemala. However, during the months of December and January in the highlands it can sometimes be cold, even during the day. It is advisable therefore to dress in layers. In the hotter, more humid lowland regions you will be more comfortable in light cotton clothing.
    Guatemalans tend to dress modestly and conservatively. It’s best to avoid wearing clothing that might make you stand out, such as revealing clothing – for example very short skirts or shorts for women, or open shirts for men. Likewise, neutral colors are preferable, especially whilst on nature trails. Moreover, when visiting Mayan temples, you will find that the staircases leading to the top are rather steep, and therefore modest shorts or light trousers are the more practical option.
    Comfortable walking shoes or tennis shoes are suitable for most regions and towns. Sandals with a strap around the ankle to prevent you from slipping are especially good for the warmer regions, beaches and places where you might get wet. However for health reasons, closed shoes are more suitable for areas such as markets where the ground may be dirty. High heels aren’t very practical anywhere in Guatemala. Slippers or thongs are useful for hotel rooms to avoid walking directly on carpets or on cold tiled floors.
  • Currency
    Bring only what you will need for the first couple of days and take advantage of banks at the airport to obtain local currencies, especially if you are arriving during the weekend. The very first bank you will see after leaving the plane in the Guatemala City Airport has not the best exchange rate, you’ll find more banks with better exchange rates down the hall and ATMs that deliver local currency after the security check-point. Never trade currencies with street vendors.
    Don’t bring high denomination bills such as US $100, or bills dating from 2001 or earlier, or any torn bills as they won’t be accepted. Due to the fact that Guatemalan banks offer poor exchange rates for Euros or Mexican Pesos, and hardly accept other currencies, it is advisable to carry US dollars. During your trip, limit money exchanges to banks and hotel front desks. If your trip includes a visit to Copan in Honduras, you will find that most shops accept Guatemalan Quetzales or dollars – and so it’s unnecessary to obtain Honduran currency.
  • Tips
    Tipping for particular services is customary in Guatemala as in other countries. There are no hard and fast rules regarding how much to tip a person. It will depend on a number of factors, such as the quality of service given, or the effort involved in delivering the service. Ultimately it is up to you to decide how much to tip, but you may find these guidelines for group travelers helpful.
    In bars, cafes and restaurants it is usual to tip 10%. This may or may not already be included in your bill so check it before paying.
    Local guides that take you through a museum or natural park usually get US$ 2-3 per person, the same counts for boat drivers. Drivers and guides that accompany you for longer trips usually get more, perhaps US$ 3-5 per per day for the driver and US$ 5-10 per person, per day, for the guide. Remember however that these are just guidelines. It is up to you if, and how much you want to tip.
  • Safety
    Use the same common sense travelling in Guatemala that you would at home. Be especially cautious in areas such as crowded markets, bus stations, elevators, crowded tourist sites, festivals and the outskirts of cities.
    It is advisable that you purchase travel insurance that includes medical assistance. Make sure that you know the names of the hospitals in Guatemala City that your insurance will cover, and carry always your insurance ID and phone number so that the company may be contacted in emergencies.
    Make a note of the emergency phone numbers of your bank, credit card company, embassy and consulate, and bring them with you. Also note down the name and contact details of a relative or friend that could be contacted in case of an emergency.
    Don’t bring expensive jewelry and watches and don’t keep cameras and mobile phones visible. Try not to bring anything that you feel would be irreplaceable.
    Try to reach your hotel or final destination before sunset and don’t walk at night on the streets.
  • Health
    If you are taking medication, ensure you bring more than enough, as it is likely that you will be unable to find the exact same type locally, especially in rural areas. Keep them in their original prescription bottles and always in your carry-on luggage. While the medicine that you consume might be available and simply sold under a different brand name in Guatemala; you will probably feel more comfortable using your own medicine.
    If you are prone to upper respiratory problems or allergies please note that crop burning is practiced in Guatemala towards the end of the dry season (this runs from February and ends in May), and so the air can get smoky in certain areas.person
    Contaminated food and water are the leading cause of illness in travelers. Protect yourself by drinking only bottled water, or carbonated drinks in cans or bottles. Carry Iodine tablets with you to purify water if bottled water is not available. Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially before eating. It is also advisable to bring alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel or antibacterial hand wipes (with at least 60% alcohol) to use if soap and water are not available. It is also a good idea to bring anti diarrheic medicine, such as Pepto Bismol or Imodium. Be careful what you eat. It is best to avoid buying from street vendors and ensure your food is fully cooked. Also avoid dairy products, unless you know they have been pasteurized.
    Malaria risk areas in Guatemala are only at altitudes below 1,500 m (4,921 ft). There is therefore no risk in Guatemala City, Antigua or Lake Atitlán. It is wise to take anti-malaria drugs, if you are traveling to coastal areas such as the southern or Caribbean coast of Guatemala, or to the lowlands of the north. Take medicines prescribed by your doctor only. Diseases such as dengue and malaria are spread through insect bites. One of the best ways to protect yourself is to prevent insect bites in the first place by using insect repellent (bug spray) with 30%-50% DEET. Picaridin, available in 7% and 15% concentrations, needs more frequent application. A brand sold in Guatemala under the name OFF is very effective. Try to remain indoors in a screened or air-conditioned area during the peak biting period for mosquitoes (dusk and dawn). Bring flying-insect spray to help clear rooms of mosquitoes. The product should contain a pyrethroid insecticide; these insecticides quickly kill flying insects, including mosquitoes.
    Use sun block and sunglasses for protection against the harmful effects of UV sunrays even if you consider yourself to have resistant or dark skin. Use a hat.
    Although yellow fever is not a disease risk in Guatemala, the government requires travelers arriving from countries where yellow fever is present to give proof of yellow fever vaccination.
  • To protect your own property, please carry all valuable items on your person at all times. Do not leave any valuable items on the bus or at the hotel, attraction, restaurant, etc. Tours4Fun, local operators, drivers and tour guides are not responsible for any loss or theft at any location.
  • Depending on your arrival time, your hotel room may not be available until the afternoon. Most hotels allow check-in between 1:00pm-3:00pm, however some charge a fee for early check-in. Please check at the hotel desk to see if you may store your luggage at the hotel if you wish to explore the city on your own before check-in.
  • This tour/activity is overseen by a select local operator in the region. Upon booking your tour or activity and after receiving confirmation, you will be issued an e-ticket detailing the local operator's name and contact information. If you require assistance finding a specific tour, please contact us for more information.

Pricing Info

Your reservation is always subject to confirmation by email, normally within one to two business days.

* Prices for Single Occupancy apply when one person stays in one standard hotel room.
* Prices for Double Occupancy apply when two people stay in one standard hotel room.
* It requires minimum 2 passengers to operate the tour.
* Prices are per person and based on double occupancy. All prices are expressed in US dollars. Prices for vacation packages are subject to change without notice. All travel documents are the responsibility of the passenger. A valid passport with at least 6 months validity after the date of travel is required. Travel insurance is highly recommended.

Reservation Info

    1.Immediately after submitting your reservation you will receive a Receipt of Reservation via email.
    2. Within one to two business days of submitting your reservation you will receive a confirmation email from us. If you need to book an airline ticket, we recommend that you do so after you receive a confirmation of your tour reservation from us.
    3. An E-Ticket will be sent to you via email as soon as details of your reservation are confirmed or your supporting information is received by us. We will provide you with all detailed information about your tour on the E-Ticket. Contact information for local tour provider will be included on E-Ticket for your convenience or re-confirmation purpose if re-confirmation is required.
    4. Simply print your E-Ticket and present it with your valid photo ID on the day of your activity to your tour guide. Please remember E-Ticket is your proof of purchase.

Terms and Conditions

    - Your purchase does not guarantee confirmation. Your purchase will initiate a reservation process. We will confirm with you via email within one to two business days.
    - Prices may vary due to availability. We reserve the right to make price adjustment without prior notice.
    - Please refer to our Standard Amendment, Cancellation and Refund Policy before you make reservation.
    - Please refer to Customer Agreement before you make reservation.
    - Local tour provider reserves the right to make modifications to tour arrangements including order of tour activities, hotel and its location if deemed necessary.

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