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Do you have questions about your reservation? Please view our frequently asked questions to see if your question is answered below. If not, feel free to email us here.

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Tours4Fun respects your privacy. We will not under any circumstance sell or release your information to anyone. All of the information obtained from our website will be used for processing purposes only. The only e-mail you will receive from will be in regards to your reservation and other information you may have requested, such as newsletters and updates.

Please contact our office or emergency contact number listed on your E-Ticket to see if another pick-up time with or without additional charge could be arranged. If not, you may self transfer to the hotel by taking a free hotel shuttle bus (if hotel offers it at your arrival airport) or arrange transportation on your own (i.e. taxi, bus, etc.) to the hotel. Hotel information will be provided on your E-Ticket. If "hotel name or similar" is stated on your E-Ticket, it means you can confirm hotel name and address on the day of departure by calling our customer service number or emergency contact number.

There is always a chance of heavy traffic, unexpected weather conditions, mechanical failures or other uncontrollable factors that may delay your return time. Therefore, we are not responsible for any related consequences to these unforeseeable events. However should such a problem occur, we will always try our best to arrange alternatives for our guests.

Our tour packages that are two days or longer generally include hotel accommodations and ground transportation. Additional expenses incurred during the tour would be for meals and optional tours. Meals can cost roughly between $10 and $40 per day per person depending upon what is ordered. Please refer to the tour web page for the "Package Includes" and "Package Excludes" sections for more details.

For Tours4Fun multi-day tours, two pieces of standard-sized luggage including one carry-on are generally accepted per passenger. The average luggage size is no more than 62 inches when adding the width, length and height of your luggage piece. Please be advised that these dimensions are just an average and may vary depending on tour provider.

Our tour coaches are not usually equipped with a wheelchair lift or ramps. If the person with a disability can walk up and down the bus stairs and the wheelchair can be folded and stored in the bus trunk, there should not be any problem for the individual to join the tour. We will try to arrange for him/her to be seated in the front of the bus. Please make a note of the disability in the "Comments" section when you book the tour online.

Daily tour itineraries usually begin between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. every morning and finish between 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the evening, depending on the tour scheduled for that day. On average, the tours usually allow 1-2 hours for any place of interest depending on how much there is to see at the location. Some tours will take you to many well-known attractions in one day. All of our tours offer numerous activities in order for our travelers to get a full sightseeing experience during their excursion.

The number of passengers per tour can vary depending on the vehicle size used for each tour. The capacity of most tours (2 or more days) for a standard commercial coach is between 50 and 60 people. An average group is usually comprised of approximately 40 people. Again the size of the tour group varies depending on the popularity of a specific tour and the time of the year when the tour is scheduled to depart.

Transportation varies based on the number of guests, local operator, and the type of tour. Small group tours tend to use comfortable vans or mini-buses, while larger groups require bigger buses. The tour buses are equipped with regular cushioned seats. Usually bigger tour coaches have a restroom onboard. However, tour coaches arrange to stop every two to three hours on the way to provide restroom or meal stops for passengers.

Our travelers range from youngsters to senior citizens. Travelers include singles, couples and groups. Tours4Fun customers come from all over the world to enjoy the variety of tours that we offer.

Meals are not included unless otherwise stated. Meal breaks will be arranged at hotels, various ethnic restaurants, food courts and fast food restaurants. Customers should check each meal location for its vegetarian options.

Some tour packages include breakfast at the hotel or the option to purchase breakfast before check-out and departure, however it is your responsibility to pay all hotel feels (including room service) before departure.

For some day trips and private tours, meals are customizable based on your preferences and dietary restrictions. Please refer to each product's "Special Notes" field and let us know of any dietary restrictions when making your booking.

Our tour packages do not include meal accommodations unless specifically stated. Meal breaks will be arranged at hotels, various ethnic restaurants, food courts and fast food restaurants. Customers should check each meal location for its vegetarian options.

Our tour guides will arrange meal breaks three times a day. Guests should prepare to pay between $10 and $40 USD for three meals per person per day.

Our tours are typically conducted in English or bilingually with English and another language, such as Chinese. The available languages are always indicated on the tour web page. We do have many tours that offer tour guides that speak other languages and also certain tours that offer language selection through headsets. You’re welcome to ask us about the languages offered for any tour before making your reservation. Please let us know if you have a language preference.

Please refer the "Transportation" on the destination page for local options or the "Airport Transportation" options when making a booking.

Optional tours are booked through the tour guide while you are on the tour. If you do not wish to participate in certain tour activities, you can roam around the destination city or attraction as you please. Please be aware that there may be a minimum number of optional tours per tour package and some may include mandatory fees.

The tours usually pick up and drop off at the same location unless otherwise stated in the tour details If you require a drop-off point that is different than your pick-up point, please let us know in the "Reservation Request" field.

Generally, international travelers should bring their passport and required documents in order to enter Canada and return to the U.S. Canadian visas may be required depending on your nationality. For further information on Canadian visa requirements, please visit

Different tour providers have different pricing and regulations regarding children younger than 2. The pertinent information can be found in the "Pricing" and "Special Notes" section on the tour page. It is important than you inform Tours4Fun of the ages of any children going on the tour in the "Comments" section when making your reservation.

The hotel room usually has two double beds. You can use the "Comments" section to inquire about the hotel room bed type.

Grand Canyon West is situated on Hualapai Native American Reservation land and features the hugely popular Skywalk. The Grand Canyon’s South, North and East rims make up Grand Canyon National Park, which is operated by the U.S. National Park Service.

Grand Canyon West and Grand Canyon National Park both have several viewpoints and activities.

Both the Hualapai and the National Park Service charge for admission to the Grand Canyon. It is important to look on the tour page’s "Includes" and "Excludes" sections to see if your tour provider covers the cost of admission in the tour price or if it is an extra cost to you.

For all our guests comfort, we only book non-smoking rooms for all tour packages.

We cannot guarentee front seats and all seats are on a first come, first serve basis. However, we do offer tours with the option to upgrade to a front-seat.


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