15-Day Egypt & Jordan Tour: The Nile, Dead Sea, & Giza Pyramids
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  • • Cairo
  • • Great Pyramids of Giza
  • • Valley of the Kings
  • • Felucca cruise on the Nile
  • • Dahab
  • • Wadi Rum
  • • Dead Sea
  • • Amman
  • • Luxor
  • • Petra
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15 days
Departure City
End City
Tour Type:

Experience: Cultural, Historical, Adventure, Backpacker

Learn about local culture with in-depth tours and activities; Encounter rich historical landmarks with expert guides; Explore the world with an active and adrenaline pumping tour; Geared to the "Get up and go!" traveler who want to enjoy independent or semi-guided adventures

Group Type: Standard group

Tour with fellow travelers from all over the world

Activity Level: Moderate

Designed for travelers in good health who are comfortable with light walking or hiking

Quality: Standard

Travel with professional guides, enjoy more time at attractions and/or stay at comfortable accommodations

Accessibility: Not accessible

Tour does not have wheelchair accessible vehicles/attractions or allow service dogs

Day 01


Hotel: Cataract Pyramids Resort or similar

Welcome to Egypt! At the Cairo terminal keep your eyes open for the local operator sign, we'll pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel.

Gather round in the hotel lobby at 6:00pm where we'll meet both the other tour members and the guide for an informal meeting where we'll discuss the itinerary and the upcoming adventures.

After the meeting you have free time to start exploring Cairo.

Hotel check in time: 1:00pm

Visiting Attractions

Day 02

Cairo - Luxor

Hotel: Steigenberger Hotel or similar

Today, get ready for the true Egyptian experience with a trip out of Cairo to see one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: the Giza Pyramids!

After breakfast we'll head out to the Giza Plateau to explore these world famous pyramids and the Great Sphinx (admission not included). Along with your Egyptologist guide we'll trek through the Giza Plateau and take photos among these amazing and ancient structures. We'll have plenty of free time here for you to hike around the pyramids.

In the afternoon we'll uncover another ancient site: Saqqara (admission not included). The first capital of ancient Egypt, famous for its step pyramid, was built by King Zoser in 2700 BC and is an expansive burial ground. Listen to your guide as they explain the fascinating history behind this unique site.

Only the second day of your adventure and you've already seen two of the most sought after archaeological sites in the world!

Later in the afternoon we'll board our bus to Luxor. In the evening we’ll check into our Premium hotel by the Nile River.

Day 03

Luxor - Aswan

Hotel: Iberotel Hotel or similar

Now that you've seen the Giza Pyramids, get ready for another amazing adventure! After breakfast we'll depart for the West Bank of the Nile, where we'll hop on a donkey like the archaeologists of old and ride out over the desert into the vast and famous Valley of the Kings (admission not included)!

Here we'll discover the magnificent “City of the Dead” where tombs were carved into the desert rocks. Richly decorated for the Pharaohs, the tombs we filled with hoards of treasures so they could live in comfort in the afterlife. Though most of the tombs are closed to us, we'll still enjoy a scenic hike through the valley and learn about the ancient figures buried here, and visit one of the most unique tombs in the region: the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.

Rising out of the desert plain in a series of terraces, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut (admission not included) is the only Egyptian temples and tomb to honor a woman. This expansive and tiered mortuary temple expands out of the valley wall and is richly decorated with statues, towering columns, and hieroglyphics.

After a fun-filled and long day playing Indiana Jones, we'll head back to the Nile, spending a night in the gorgeous river city of Aswan.

Day 04

Aswan - Felucca Cruise

Hotel: Felucca Cruise or similar

Though Aswan is one of the smallest cities on the Nile, it still offers a wealth of fantastic sites to visit. First up, we'll head south to discover the impressive High Dam (admission not included), an engineering miracle that was pivotal to Egypt's growth in the 20th century.

From here we'll take a motorboat across the reservoir of the Aswan Lower Dam to a small island where we'll explore the Philea Temple (admission not included). Dedicated to the goddess Isis, Philae Temple has a beautiful setting on an island in the River of Nile. Its various shrines and sanctuaries celebrate the deities involved in the myth of Isis and Osiris.

Later in the afternoon, we'll discover the namesake of this tour: a traditional felluca sailboat. We'll hop on board and set sail over the Nile, where we'll spend the next two nights relaxing and swimming in the longest river in the world!

Early in the morning you can join the optional trip to Abu Simbel, one of the most impressive ancient sights of Egypt.
Day 05

Felucca Cruise on the Nile

Hotel: Felucca Cruise or similar

Today we'll sail all day long on the Nile, watching the beautiful scenery pass us by and wave to the locals continuing their day of washing, swimming and fishing. Whilst being absorbed by the culture we can sit back and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of one of the greatest rivers on the earth.

Day 06
Kom Ombo

Felucca Cruise - Edfu - Komombo - Luxor

Hotel: Steigenberger Hotel or similar

Today we'll say farewell to our floating home and get back to exploring the ancient history of Egypt. Our destination for the day is Luxor, but we'll still get to see and explore some amazing sites on our way back north.

First up we'll visit the ancient city of Edfu, which houses the largest and best preserved temple in Egypt (admission not included). Dedicated to the falcon God Horus, this temple was built over a 180-year period from 237 BC to 57 BC. As we traverse these ancient and sacred halls we'll discover the great conflict between the Gods Horus and Seth, which are depicted on the walls.

Next up, we'll visit another great site, the Temple of Kom Ombo (admission not included). Built during the Ptolemaic and Roman periods, the structure is known as a double temple that is completely symmetrical. Each half offers dedications to different Gods: the southern half devoted to honoring the crocodile God Sobek and the God Horus.

After another exhilarating day discover the rich history and mythology of Egypt, we'll arrive in Luxor.

Day 07

Luxor - Cairo

Hotel: Cataract Pyramids Resort or similar

Another day of exploration awaits us as we visit one of the most historic sites in Luxor: the ancient temple of Luxor (admission not included) on the East Bank of the Nile which was dedicated to the great god Amun, his wife Mut and their son Khonsu (the mood god), representing the Theban triad.

As we dawn our archaeologist hats, we'll uncover how the temple was built on the site of a probably smaller structure for the god Amun, while the earliest parts of the temple seen today date from the 14th century BC and the time of Amenhotep III.

In the afternoon we'll proceed to the Temple of Karnak (admission not included), one of the most important religious centers of ancient Egypt.

We'll end the day with a scenic drive to Cairo.

Day 08


Hotel: Cataract Pyramids Resort or similar

Now that we've acquainted ourselves with ancient Egypt, we'll get to uncover its great capital: Cairo.

First up, we'll visit one of the most important museums in the ancient world, the Egyptian Museum (admission not included), which houses more than 100,000 relics of Egypt. Armed with your expert guide and the knowledge you've obtained on your great Egyptian journey, you'll be well versed and ready to explore this fantastic institution.

After our visit to the museum we'll discover the great sights of Cairo, including the Citadel of Saladin (admission not included), Mosque of Mohamed Ali, the Hanging Church and the world famous Kahn El Khalili bazaar. Take some time to explore the stalls and grab some souvenirs before settling down for your last night in Egypt.

Visiting Attractions

Day 09

Cairo - Dahab

Hotel: Cataract Pyramids Resort or similar

Today we'll travel through Sudr and Sharm el-Sheikh to the small town of Dahab. Here we'll relax and unwind after a long week of exploration. Lay next to the sea or enjoy a fantastic day of adventures, including snorkeling, diving, camel treks, jeep safaris and more!

Visiting Attractions

Day 10


Hotel: Dahab Paradise Hotel or similar

Enjoy another relaxing day in paradise!

Visiting Attractions

Day 11

Dahab - Aqaba - Wadi Rum

Hotel: Hillawi Camp or similar

Get ready for the second leg of our trip with an journey to Jordan. Crossing the gorgeous Gulf of Aqaba by ferry we'll land in the gateway to Jordan: Aqaba. From we'll enjoy an adventure to the Valley of the Moon, otherwise known as Wadi Rum.

Here we'll have a fantastic adventure, taking a jeep safari out into the desert to explore this vast and amazing valley. Here we'll discover everything from ancient pieroglyphs left behind by the valley's original inhabitants as well as scenic areas that have been used for various Hollywood Films, including the classic Lawrence of Arabia, Ridley Scott's Promethius, and most recently The Martian.

After getting our fill of this amazing landscape, we'll settle down out our desert camp to enjoy an authentic Jordanian dinner in Wadi Rum. After chilling out by the desert fire and sharing experiences with our travel mates under a starry sky, we'll spend the night in our desert camp.

Visiting Attractions

Day 12

Wadi Rum - Petra

Hotel: La Maison Hotel or similar

Today we'll discover one of the great sites in Jordan, the rose red city of Petra. Immortalized in poetry, film, music, and even video games, the vast and ancient city holds various amazing structures comparable to the great temples of Egypt. We'll embark from our camp on an unforgettable trip on horse back and then hike by foot until we reach the Al Khazneh, also known as the Treasury of Petra, one of the most famous structures in the city.

Our local guide will provide us with a brief history of the city as we explore its fascinating alleys and streets, visiting the Pharaoh's Castle, the Triumphal Arch and the Amphitheater.

This evening we'll spend the night in Petra.

Visiting Attractions

Day 13

Petra - Dead Sea - Kerak - Amman

Hotel: Art Hotel or similar

Our adventure through Jordan continues with a drive to one of the most sought after bodies of water in the world: the Dead Sea. Here we'll take a swim in the salty water, which natural qualities will let us easily float out over it!

From the Sea we'll head back inland to the crusader castle of Kerak. This impressive and mighty castle has seen numerous battles over the ages from the 12th to the 17th century. We'll wander through its vast brick hallways and climb up onto its powerful walls for fantastic photos of the surrounding countryside.

In the evening we'll arrive in the capital of Jordan, Amman.

Day 14


Hotel: Art Hotel or similar

Today we'll enjoy a relaxing sightseeing excursion throughout the city in the morning. After acquainting you with its major sites, you'll be free to explore the great city on your own.

Visiting Attractions

Day 15


Our tour will end after breakfast as we say goodbye to our new friends.

Visiting Attractions

Please note that order of day-to-day itinerary is adjustable depending on tour start day.

Pick-up Details/Transfers
【Airport Pick-Up】
A complimentary airport transfer from Cairo airport to the Hotel will be provided on Day 1 of the tour (the arrival day of the tour) between 5:00am & 11:59pm. A driver will be waiting with a sign.

【Airport Drop-Off】
Airport drop-off is not included.

Package Includes

  • Services of experienced Egyptologist guides
  • Transportation by Air-conditioned non-smoking coach or mini-bus, Donkey (Valley of the Kings), 4x4 jeep (Wadi Rum) Felucca or 5 star Nile Cruise boat (depending on the itinerary), Ferry between Egypt-Jordan
  • Complimentary Airport pick-up: From Cairo Airport to the Cairo Hotel on day one
  • 14-night accommodations
  • 2 Nights aboard a traditional Felluca sailboat
  • Meals: 14 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches, 2 Dinners
  • Excursions: As per the itinerary (entrance fees NOT included)

Package Excludes

  • Departure transfer
  • Any flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Meals not stated in the itinerary
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Tips & gestures
  • Visa fees
  • Other services not stated in the itinerary
  • Entrance fees to the sights and museums and Optional activities(prices may vary due to the season and are subject to the final box office price. All optional tours that include a service fee must be paid for in cash before joining the tour.)
    - Giza Pyramids / Sphinx: EGP 80.00/person (USD 9.00)
    - Sakkara: EGP 80.00/person (USD 9.00)
    - Egyptian Museum: EGP 75.00/person (USD 8.50)
    - Citadel: EGP 60.00/person (USD 7.00)
    - Philae Temple: EGP 70.00/person (USD 8.00)
    - High Dam: EGP 30.00/person (USD 3.50)
    - Komombo Temple: EGP 60.00/person (USD 7.00)
    - Edfu Temple: EGP 60.00/person (USD 7.00)
    - Karnak Temple: EGP 80.00/person (USD 9.00)
    - Luxor Temple: EGP 60.00/person (USD 7.00)
    - Colossi of Memnon: Free
    - Valley of the Kings: EGP 104.00/person (USD 12.00)
    - Hatchepsut: EGP 52.00/person (USD 6.00)
    - Petra: 50.00 JD/person
    - Ajloun: 3.00 JD/person
    - Jerash: 10.00 JD/person
    - Kerak: 2.00 JD/person
    - Roman theatre: 2.00 JD/person
    - Nubian Dinner, Aswan: GBP 13.00/person
    - Temples of Abu Simbel: GBP 60.00/person
    - Alexandria Overday: GBP 32.00/person
    - Sound & Light Show by the Pyramids, Giza: GBP 15.00/person
    - Hot Air Balloon, Luxor: GBP 75.00/person
Special Notes
  • Activity Level:
    This tour offers a moderate level of activity, focusing on traveling to unique destinations off the beaten path and offering travelers a variety of activities at each destination, including horseback riding, donkey riding, and jeep safaris. The general age of travelers on this tour range from 18 - 39 years old.
  • Tour Cancellation and/or Alterations Made Within:
    1) 16 days prior to departure date -100% of reservation cost will be charged.
    2) 17-31 days prior to departure date -85% of reservation cost will be charged.
    3) 32-61 days prior to departure date -70% of reservation cost will be charged.
    4) 62 or more days prior to departure date -25% of reservation cost will be charged.
  • All changes, amendments or additions must be confirmed prior to 62 days of the departure date to avoid cancellation or amendment fees. No new passengers may be added to a booking once completed.
    a) Name & Tour Date changes requested within;
    - 31-17 days of departure will incur an amendment fee of £50 per person;
    - 16 days of departure will be made at the sole discretion of local operator.
    b) Tour Destination changes requested within;
    - 62-32 days of departure will incur an amendment fee of £35 per person;
    - 31 days of departure will be made at the sole discretion of local operator.
  • Depending on your arrival time, your hotel room may not be available until the afternoon. Most hotels allow check-in between 1:00pm-3:00pm, however some charge a fee for early check-in. Please check at the hotel desk to see if you may store your luggage at the hotel if you wish to explore the city on your own before check-in.
  • This tour/activity is overseen by a select local operator in the region. Upon booking your tour or activity and after receiving confirmation, you will be issued an e-ticket detailing the local operator's name and contact information. If you require assistance finding a specific tour, please contact us for more information.

Pricing Info

Your reservation is always subject to confirmation by email, normally within one to two business days.

* Price for Single Occupancy applies when one person stays in one standard hotel room.
* Price for Double Occupancy applies when two people stay in one standard hotel room.
* Solo passengers not wishing to pay a single supplement will be accommodated in a double room according to availability with a passenger(s) of the same gender.

Reservation Info

    1.Immediately after submitting your reservation you will receive a Receipt of Reservation via email.
    2. Within one to two business days of submitting your reservation you will receive a confirmation email from us. If you need to book an airline ticket, we recommend that you do so after you receive a confirmation of your tour reservation from us.
    3. An E-Ticket will be sent to you via email as soon as details of your reservation are confirmed or your supporting information is received by us. We will provide you with all detailed information about your tour on the E-Ticket. Contact information for local tour provider will be included on E-Ticket for your convenience or re-confirmation purpose if re-confirmation is required.
    4. Simply print your E-Ticket and present it with your valid photo ID on the day of your activity to your tour guide. Please remember E-Ticket is your proof of purchase.

Terms and Conditions

    - Your purchase does not guarantee confirmation. Your purchase will initiate a reservation process. We will confirm with you via email within one to two business days.
    - Prices may vary due to availability. We reserve the right to make price adjustment without prior notice.
    - Please refer to our Standard Amendment, Cancellation and Refund Policy before you make reservation.
    - Please refer to Customer Agreement before you make reservation.
    - Local tour provider reserves the right to make modifications to tour arrangements including order of tour activities, hotel and its location if deemed necessary.









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    15-Day Egypt & Jordan Tour

    The wonderful and most exciting experience of my trips.

  • Bradney



    Excellent tour guides.

  • Brown



    "Tour was awesome and sights were amazing. Mega and Ramy were both great guides, friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable. Bassem has also been a big help. Thanks for a great time!"

  • Reid



    "Great guide, high enery and a lot of fun. Had a great time."

  • Tregenza



    "Talat has been great guide-very fun and knowledgable. Easy transfer/ferry ride from Egypt. Driver and distances very cool and managable. Wadi Rum, Petru, Dead Sea – Awesome! Thank you!"

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