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17-Day Egypt & Jordan Adventure Tour
Product Code: 1113-164887


  • • Discover ancient civilizations and architectural wonders
  • • Relax at the Red Sea
  • • Enjoy an overnight felucca journey with support boat
  • • Bargain in bazaars
  • • Camp in a Bedouin tent in the Deiseh desert
  • • Marvel at the rock-cut architecture of Petra
Tour Code
17 days
Departure City
End City
Tour Type:

Experience: Cultural, Historical, UNESCO, Nature, Backpacker

Learn about local culture with in-depth tours and activities; Encounter rich historical landmarks with expert guides; Visit locations designated as World Heritage Sites by the United Nations; Get in touch with Mother Earth; Geared to the "Get up and go!" traveler who wants to enjoy independent or semi-guided adventures

Style: Escorted

Tour director/guided escort is available from the beginning to the end of the vacation

Group Type: Small group

Take an intimate and semi-private trip with a small group

Activity Level: Moderate, Strenuous

Designed for travelers in good health who are comfortable with light walking or hiking; Activities are geared towards experienced and fit travelers

Quality: Standard

Travel with professional guides, enjoy more time at attractions and/or stay at comfortable accommodations

Accessibility: Not accessible

Tour does not have wheelchair accessible vehicles/attractions or allow service dogs

Day 01


Hotel: Santana Hotel or similar

Welcome to Cairo! Today you'll check into the hotel and have the rest of the day to explore this great city until an evening welcome meeting

Please speak to the front-desk to confirm the meeting's time and please make sure you're back in time to meet the group. After introductions, your CEO (Certified Experience Officer) will review the details of your tour.

Joining location: Santana Hotel
Address: Ad Doqi, Giza Governorate, Egypt
Check-in time: from 12:00pm

Visiting Attractions

Day 02

Cairo - Giza - Aswan (Overnight Train)

Hotel: Twin-Share Rooms aboard Overnight Train or similar

Today, enjoy a tour of the magnificent great pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx!No matter how many photos or documentaries you have seen, the first glimpse of these marvels of the ancient world will take your breath away. As a qualified Egyptologist, your CEO has all the facts about of these massive structures.

Afterwards we'll head back to Cairo and visit the Egyptian Museum. With over 10,000 pieces from every period of Egyptian history, including the treasures from the tomb of Tutankhamun, this massive museum is a fantastic place to learn about the country. Your tour leader will direct you to the most important and magnificent items. There is also plenty of free time for you to explore on your own.

In the evening we'll enjoy a train ride to Aswan, sleeping overnight in comfortable twin-share compartments with bunk beds and lockable doors. The beds convert into seats when not in use and luggage is stored under the bottom bunk. Bedding is provided and there is a small wash basin with soap and a towel as well. Shared toilet facilities are at the end of each carriage. A simple “airline style” dinner is included. Non-alcoholic drinks are available to purchase and there is a bar car for socializing.

Breakfast and dinner included.

Visiting Attractions

Day 03

Aswan - Nile River

Hotel: Nile Hotel or similar

Welcome to Aswan, one of the great cities of the Nile. Here you'll have some free time in the afternoon to explore the city, shop at the bazaars, and stroll along the Nile. before visiting a Nubian village and enjoying a home-cooked dinner with a local family.

In the evening we'll board a local boat, known as a felucca, to take a trip along the magnificent Nile, with views of the Aga Khan Mausoleum and Kitchener Island. Stop on the largest of the Nile islands in this area, Elephantine Island. Walk through the village and fields and learn more about the life of the Nubian people before enjoying a delicious traditional dinner at a local home.

Breakfast and dinner included.

Visiting Attractions

Day 04
Abu Simbel


Hotel: Nile Hotel or similar

Today we'll have another day to explore Aswan. You can join an optional tour to one of the most fascinating sights in the area, the Temple of Abu Simbel.

Later in the day you may also join a half-day tour of the Unfinished Obelisk, High Dam, and Philae Temple. Or you may also visit the modern Nubian Museum to learn more about Aswan's local people.

*Optional Activities*

Nubian Museum Visit

Enjoy a the modern Nubian Museum to learn more about the culture and customs of Aswan's local people.

Abu Simbel Visit (Bus)

Visit the fantastic twin temples of Abu Simbel by caravan there and back. Visit includes about 2 hrs at the site to wander through the different temples and learn more about the construction, history, and relocation of these magnificently preserved structures. The temples, built by Ramses II between 1274-1244BC, would now be under Lake Nasser if not for the wonders of modern engineering.

Philae Temple Visit

The word "philae" means "the end", in reference to this island's placement on what was once the southernmost border of Egypt. Sail across the Nile to the beautiful island, and step into Greco Roman history. See the Temple of Philae. Round-trip transfer included.

Philae Temple Sound and Light Show

As the sun sets, sail across the Nile to Philae island. Witness the Philae temple turned into a time machine through a magnificent sound and light display. Round-trip transfer included.

Camel Ride at the West Bank

Cross to the West Bank by motor boat, and enjoy a camel ride in the sand dunes of Aswan.

Breakfast included.
Day 05

Aswan - Kom Ombo

We have a wonderful treat for you today as we take a relaxing ride on a felucca (traditional Nile sailboat) and travel down the river, watching the scenery glide by.

At night, we'll enjoy a delicious meal and sleep on the deck under the stars (mattresses and blankets are provided). The felucca itself does not have toilets or showers, but a private support boat travelling in close proximity has both (please bring a towel).

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.
Day 06

Kom Ombo - Luxor

Hotel: Susanna Hotel or similar

Today we'll arrive in Kom Ombo and enjoy a visit to this temple located in a scenic spot, right on the banks of the Nile. It was dedicated to the crocodile god, and you can still see the remains of an ancient mummified crocodile that was worshiped here thousands of years ago.

From here we'll travel to Luxor, visiting the Temple of Edfu along the way.

*Optional Activities*

Horse and Carriage Ride

Enjoy a horse and carriage (calèche) ride and get oriented in the city.

Bazaar Visit

Wander through the bustling local bazaar and check out the wares for sale. Pick up a few if you like!

Breakfast included.
Day 07

Luxor - Cairo (Overnight Train)

Hotel: Overnight Train to Cairo or similar

From the historical city of Luxor we'll set out by donkey over the West Bank to visit the massive 18m (59ft) high Colossi of Memnon, which is all that remains of an ancient temple.

Next we'll descend down the narrow corridors and check out the tombs of the pharaohs at the Valley of the Kings. Then we'll visit the Funerary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, which literally seems to rise out of the surrounding limestone outcrops.

Afterwards we'll have free time to explore Luxor; Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple are both well worth a visit. Learn about the ancient art of embalming at world's only Mummification Museum and the small, but beautifully presented, Luxor Museum.

We'll then take a return overnight train to Cairo.

*Optional Activities*

Karnak Temple Visit

Enjoy a visit to the Karnak Temple, which was once the centre of all religious life in ancient Egypt. Built and extended by successive generations of rulers, admire the amazing architecture, massive columns, and painted hieroglyphs. Round-trip transfer included.

Luxor Temple Visit

Take in the beauty of the Luxor temple, an architectural splendour located near the Nile and right in the centre of downtown Luxor. It's spectacularly lit in the evenings and well worth a visit.

Mummification Museum

Learn all there is to know about the ancient art of embalming by exploring the world's only Mummification Museum.

Tomb of Tutankhamun Visit

Opt to descend down into the Tomb of Tutankhamun, the Valley of the Kings' most famous pharaoh. While the treasure has been moved to the Cairo Museum, it is fascinating to enter the tomb that held one of the most intact collection of treasures found in all of Egypt.

Valley of the Kings Hot Air Balloon Ride

What an incredible way to see the Valley of the Kings. Fly over the tombs and monuments of ancient Egypt aboard a hot air balloon on an hour flight. The wind dictates where you go and what you see, so there isn't a flight is ever the same. Round-trip transfer included.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.
Day 08


Hotel: Susanna Hotel or similar

Today we'll head off to explore Islamic Cairo on foot. Stroll down bustling alleyways where life has changed little and streets are still named after ancient crafts. Don't miss the chance to visit a mosque and learn more about Egypt's principal religion, Islam. Explore the Cairo Citadel, home to the rulers of Egypt for almost 900 years.

Afterwards we'll visit the Khan el-Khalili bazaar in downtown Cairo for an orientation walk with the CEO. Learn the best places to buy various things, and opt to enjoy a hookah and a cup of tea in a cafe. Enjoy free time to stroll and shop the narrow pathways.

*Optional Activities*

Dinner Cruise on the Nile

Enjoy a dinner, and entertainment on a fine cruise boat while sailing the Nile. End the night with a traditional belly dancing and sufi dancing show. A perfect night out in Egypt. Round-trip transfer included.

Sound and Light Show at the Pyramids

Enjoy a magnificent sound and light show at the pyramids. Learn about the history of Egypt, and the secrets of the pyramids, as told from the mouth of the Sphinx. Round-trip transfer included.

Breakfast included.

Visiting Attractions

Day 09


Hotel: Nakhil Inn Hotel or similar

Today we'll take an included flight to Nuweiba, just on the border of Egypt and Jordan. Here you can choose to relax or choose to go snorkeling in the Red Sea.

*Optional Activities*

Red Sea Snorkeling
Grab a mask and fins and dive into the beautiful Red Sea, which is world-renowned for its colourful and diverse marine life.

Mt Sinai Visit
Opt to climb to the top of this important religious location, revered by Muslims, Christians, and Jews alike, and soak in the stunning views from the summit. Later, opt to visit St Catherine's Monastery, the location of the biblical burning bush.

Breakfast included.

Visiting Attractions

Day 10


Hotel: Nakhil Inn Hotel or similar

Enjoy a free day to explore Nuweiba or take an excursion to Mt Sinai.

Breakfast included.
Day 11


Hotel: Raed Suites Hotel or similar

Today we'll cross the Red Sea aboard a ferry o Aqaba, Jordan.

The Egyptian CEO will assist with departure proceedings and help get you on board. The 1.5 hr ferry ride will be unescorted and your Jordanian CEO will be waiting in the arrivals hall to assist with your entrance to Jordan.

Breakfast included.

Visiting Attractions

Day 12
Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum

Hotel: Al Zawaydah Camp or similar

Spend the morning in Aqaba before setting off for Wadi Rum, a vast, silent landscape of ancient riverbeds and the largest and most magnificent of Jordan's desert landscapes. Head deep into the desert by 4x4, stopping at famous landmarks along the way.

In the evening we'll arrive at our Bedouin camp just in time for a traditional meal and to learn more about the ancient Bedouin culture.

A local guide will take us for a 2 hr night hike in the desert to see the stars and look for desert wildlife. Spend the evening sitting around the fire under the stars, listening to stories from our Bedouin hosts.

Breakfast and dinner included.

Visiting Attractions

Day 13

Wadi Musa

Hotel: Seven Wonders Hotel or similar

Today we'll depart our Bedouin camp and head for Wadi Musa, home to the famous city of Petra. En route, we'll visit Siq al-Barid, known as Little Petra. We'll explore the narrow alleyway with tall cliff walls and carved rock of Little Petra, which is similar to its larger namesake. Just 9km (5.6 mi) from Wadi Musa, it's worth the visit.

Upon arrival at Wadi Musa, spend time walking in the small city or seeking out one of the many cafés playing Indiana Jones on loop.

Breakfast included.
Day 14

Wadi Musa - Petra - Wadi Musa

Hotel: Seven Wonders Hotel or similar

Today we'll start out early for a guided visit to Petra, the massive 'Rose City.'

Journey to Petra to explore this UNESCO World Heritage site. Each tour will be different depending on the interests of the group, but everyone arrives through the dramatic Siq, rounding a corner and setting eyes on the famous treasury building.

With time, hike approx 25km (15 mi) to cover the entire site. Climb (steps) to two sacred hilltops. Depending on the weather and the interests of the group, opt to hike an additional 2km (1.2 mi) to see the magnificent views from the top of the treasury. This makes for a unique and unforgettable experience.

Get a brief history of the city, one of the greatest tourist attractions in the Middle East. The Nabateans carved this capital from the living rock of the surrounding mountains in Petra. Visit monuments that include the Pharaoh's Castle, the triumphal arch, the amphitheatre, and the monastery.

We'll return to Wadi Musa in the late afternoon.

Breakfast included.

Visiting Attractions

Day 15


Hotel: Salome Hotel or similar

Today we'll enjoy a fantastic day discovery Jordan's rich history. First up we'll head out to the ancient Shobak Castle, built in AD 1115 by the Crusader Baldwin I. From here we'll see another great crusader castle, Karak, the largest late-Islamic castle in Jordan. Explore its unique construction – initially built in the Crusader period, it was expanded and refortified during the Ayyubid and Mamluk eras.

Next up, we'll visit Mount Nebo, a historic site believed by many to be the location of Moses' death and has thus been a centre for pilgrimage since the earliest Christian times. Trek to the summit (817m or 2,680 ft), and be rewarded with views of the stunning surrounding countryside and Israel in the distance.

Finally, we'll arrive in Madaba, where we'll explore its long history with a guided tour, including its role as the centre of early Christianity. See some of the finest Byzantine mosaics in the world, including the famous sixth-century mosaic map of the Middle East. Tour churches, the Archaeological Park, and the local museum that's housed in several old Madaba residences.

Breakfast included.

Visiting Attractions

Day 16

Madaba - Amman

Hotel: Bellevue Hotel or similar

Today you can enjoy the great city of Madaba on your own or join us for a trip to the famous Dead Sea.

At the Dead Sea we'll discover a lake so salty nothing can live in its waters and yet its renowned for its legendary healing powers. Spend some time at one of the resorts with time for bobbing like a cork in the buoyant water, covering yourself in healing mud, or just lounging on the beach.

After lunch, we'll travel to Amman with free time to explore.

Breakfast included.

Visiting Attractions

Day 17


Today we'll end our fantastic 2 week journey and say farewell.

Breakfast included.
Please note that order of day-to-day itinerary is adjustable depending on tour start day.

Pick-up Details/Transfers
If you have booked an airport transfer with us, please contact the local operator (number is located on the e-ticket once your reservation is confirmed) before the tour. The driver will be waiting for you at the arrivals hall.

Package Includes

  • Chief Experience Officer (CEO) throughout
  • 12-night hotels, 2-night sleeper trains, 1-night felucca, 1-night desert camping
  • 16 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners
  • All transport between destinations and to/from included activities
  • Internal flight
  • Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx entrance and guided tour
  • Nubian village visit and traditional dinner
  • Felucca overnight sailing excursion with support boat
  • Edfu and Kom Ombo temples entrance and guided tour
  • Temple of Hatshepsut and Valley of the Kings guided visit and donkey ride
  • Colossi of Memnon visit
  • Traditional meal with local family (Luxor)
  • Islamic Cairo guided tour including Khan el-Khalili bazaar and Egyptian Museum
  • Beach time at the Red Sea
  • Wadi Rum jeep excursion
  • Bedouin camp overnight with local meals
  • Petra day pass and local guide
  • Madaba mosaics guided tour

Package Excludes

  • All personal expenses
  • Tips to tour guide/driver
  • Optional activities (availability subject to change):
    - Abu Simbel Visit (Bus)
    - Bazaar Visit
    - Camel Ride
    - Camel Ride at the West Bank
    - Dinner Cruise on the Nile
    - Horse and Carriage Ride
    - Hot Air Balloon Ride
    - Karnak Temple Visit
    - Luxor Temple Visit
    - Mt Sinai Visit
    - Mud Baths
    - Mummification Museum
    - National Archaeological Museum & Citadel
    - Nubian Museum Visit
    - Philae Temple Sound and Light Show
    - Philae Temple Visit
    - Red Sea Snorkelling
    - Roman Theatre Visit
    - Solar Boat Museum Visit
    - Souk Visit
    - Sound and Light Show at the Pyramids
    - Tomb of Tutankhamun Visit
    - Tour of the East Bank
    - Turkish Bath
    - Valley of the Kings Hot Air Balloon Ride
Special Notes
  • Travel Style: Classic. All of the highlights, culture, access, and I-can’t-believe-we-did-that moments, all at a great price.
  • Service Level: Standard. Comfortable tourist-class accommodations with character; mix of public and private transport.
  • Physical Rating: Average. Some tours may include light hiking, biking, rafting, or kayaking in addition to walking.
  • Trip Type: Small Group. Small group experience; Max 15, avg 10.
  • Please note that you will have a different CEO for the Jordan and Egypt sections of your trip. You will say goodbye to your Egyptian leader at the port in Nuweiba (Egyptian border) and your Jordanian leader will meet you on arrival at the port in Aqaba (Jordanian border) to assist you with Immigration and Customs procedures.
  • You will be on the move a lot, so our advice is to pack as lightly as possible. We highly recommend using a backpack or light sports bag, whichever you find easiest to carry, plus a small daypack. Luggage space on public transport is limited. You must be prepared to carry your own bags and be comfortable carrying them between transport and hotels (max. 15-20 mins walking), hopping on and off trains and buses and up and down stairs.
  • Depending on your arrival time, your hotel room may not be available until the afternoon. Most hotels allow check-in between 1:00pm-3:00pm, however some charge a fee for early check-in. Please check at the hotel desk to see if you may store your luggage at the hotel if you wish to explore the city on your own before check-in.
  • This tour/activity is overseen by a select local operator in the region. Upon booking your tour or activity and after receiving confirmation, you will be issued an e-ticket detailing the local operator's name and contact information. If you require assistance finding a specific tour, please contact us for more information.

Pricing Info

Your reservation is always subject to confirmation by email, normally within one to two business days.

* Adult: 19 and older
* Child: 12-18 years old; must be accompanied by an adult.
* Children younger than 12 are not permitted.
* Prices for Single Occupancy apply when one person stays in one standard hotel room.
* Prices for Double Occupancy apply when two people stay in one standard hotel room.

Reservation Info

    1.Immediately after submitting your reservation you will receive a Receipt of Reservation via email.
    2. Within one to two business days of submitting your reservation you will receive a confirmation email from us. If you need to book an airline ticket, we recommend that you do so after you receive a confirmation of your tour reservation from us.
    3. An E-Ticket will be sent to you via email as soon as details of your reservation are confirmed or your supporting information is received by us. We will provide you with all detailed information about your tour on the E-Ticket. Contact information for local tour provider will be included on E-Ticket for your convenience or re-confirmation purpose if re-confirmation is required.
    4. Simply print your E-Ticket and present it with your valid photo ID on the day of your activity to your tour guide. Please remember E-Ticket is your proof of purchase.

Terms and Conditions

    - Your purchase does not guarantee confirmation. Your purchase will initiate a reservation process. We will confirm with you via email within one to two business days.
    - Prices may vary due to availability. We reserve the right to make price adjustment without prior notice.
    - Please refer to our Standard Amendment, Cancellation and Refund Policy before you make reservation.
    - Please refer to Customer Agreement before you make reservation.
    - Local tour provider reserves the right to make modifications to tour arrangements including order of tour activities, hotel and its location if deemed necessary.

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