Budapest City Tour
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  • • Chain Bridge
  • • Castle District
  • • Gellert Hill
  • • Heroes' Square
  • • Central Market Hall
  • • Hungarian House of Parliament
  • • Fisherman's Bastion
  • • Arrival transfer from airport/pier/station to your hotel
  • • Departure transfer from your hotel to airport/pier/station
Tour Code
3 hours
Departure City
End City
Tour Type:
Sightseeing Tours


Today we'll begin our lovely Budapest city tour at Chain Bridge and cross over Margaret Bridge into the Buda side of the city.

We'll stop in the Castle District to visit Matthias Church and Fisherman's Bastion, where you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of Budapest. Next, we'll drive to the Gellert Hill and Citadel and show you the most spectacular view of Budapest. Then we'll take you over the Elisabeth Bridge to Pest and show you the famous Central Market Hall and Dohany Street Synagogue, the largest in Europe, before driving to the City Park.

Along the way we'll pass by Europe’s largest thermal spa, the Budapest Zoo, and the Amusement Park, stopping at Heroes’ Square where the statues of the most famous Hungarian kings and dukes stand tall. Afterwards we'll take the Andrássy Avenue to downtown Pest, passing by the Opera House and St Stephen’s Basilica. We then get off the bus again and take an interior visit of the impressive neo-gothic House of Parliament (guided tour included).

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All Achat Premium Hotel (Hotel lobby) Hungaria Korut 5,Budapest, Hungary,1101
All Actor (Hotel lobby) Viola 10 - 14,Budapest, Hungary,1094
All Adina Apartment Hotel Budapest (Hotel lobby) Hegedus Gyula utca 52-54.,Budapest, Hungary,1133
All Agape Aparthotel (Hotel lobby) Akácfa street 12-14,Budapest, Hungary,1072
All Akacfa Holidays Apartments (Hotel lobby) Akafca Utca 12-14,Budapest, Hungary,1074
All Alfa Art Hotel (Hotel lobby) Kiralyok útja 205.,Budapest, Hungary,1039
All All 4u Apartments (Hotel lobby) Hollo Utca 12-14,Budapest, Hungary,1075
All Andrassy (Hotel lobby) Andrassy Ut 111,Budapest, Hungary,1063
All Aquamarina Boathotel (Hotel lobby) Rozgonyi Piroska Street Port,Budapest, Hungary,1031
All Aquincum Hotel Budapest (Hotel lobby) Arpad Fejedelem Utja 94,Budapest, Hungary,1036
All Arcadia Hotel Budapest (Hotel lobby) Madách Imre út 3.,Budapest,1075
All Aria Hotel Budapest (Hotel lobby) Hercegprímás utca 5.,Budapest,1051
All Art Otel Budapest (Hotel lobby) Bem Rakpart 16-19,Budapest, Hungary,1011
All Atlantic (Hotel lobby) Nepszinhaz Utca 55,Budapest, Hungary,1081
All Atlas Hotel (Hotel lobby) Nepszinhaz Utca 39-41,Budapest, Hungary,1081
All Atrium Fashion Hotel (Hotel lobby) Csokonai utca 14,Budapest, Hungary,1081
All Attila Hotel (Hotel lobby) Attila utca 20,Budapest, Hungary,1039
All Bara Hotel (Hotel lobby) Hegyalja út 34-36,Budapest, Hungary,1118
All Bara Junior (Hotel lobby) Hegyalja út 34-36,Budapest, Hungary,1118
All Baross City Hotel (Hotel lobby) Baross Ter 15,Budapest, Hungary,1077
All Bastion Hotel Budapest (Hotel lobby) Bástya utca 20.,Budapest,1056
All Beautiful Chocolate (Hotel lobby) Varoshaz Utca 8,Budapest, Hungary,1052
All Belvedere Hotel (Hotel lobby) 11 A Szilagyi Erzsebet Fasor,Budapest, Hungary,1022
All Benczur (Hotel lobby) Benczur Street 35,Budapest, Hungary,1068
All Best Western Hotel Hungaria (Hotel lobby) Rakoczi út 90,Budapest, Hungary,1074
All Best Western Hotel Orion (Hotel lobby) Dobrentei Utca 13,Budapest, Hungary,1013
All Bo18 Hotel (Hotel lobby) Vajdahunyad Utca 18,Budapest, Hungary,1082
All Bo33 Hotel (Hotel lobby) Szövetség utca 33.,Budapest,1074
All Bobbio Hotel (Hotel lobby) Bela Kiraly Utca 47,Budapest, Hungary,1077
All Bohem Art Hotel (Hotel lobby) Molnar Utca 35,Budapest, Hungary,1056
All Boscolo Budapest Autograph Collection (Hotel lobby) Erzsebet Korut 9 -11,Budapest, Hungary,1073
All Boscolo Luxury Residence (Hotel lobby) Osvath Utca 2-8,Budapest, Hungary,1073
All Botel Hotel Lisa (Hotel lobby) Parti setany 1,Budapest, Hungary,1212
All Boulevard City Guesthouse (Hotel lobby) Utca Angyal 13,Budapest, Hungary,1094
All Boutique Hotel Bristol (Hotel lobby) Kenyermezo utca 4,Budapest, Hungary,1081
All Boutique Hotel Zara (Hotel lobby) Utca So 6,Budapest, Hungary,1056
All Broadway Hotel & Residence (Hotel lobby) O Utca 43 - 49,Budapest, Hungary,1066
All Buda Castle (Hotel lobby) Uri Utca 39,Budapest, Hungary,1014
All Budapest Karoly Central (Hotel lobby) Karoly Korut 3/a,Budapest, Hungary,1075
All Budapest Lido Hotel (Hotel lobby) Nanasi Utca 67,Budapest, Hungary,1031
All Budapest Museum Central (Hotel lobby) Muzeum Korut 39, II/5,Budapest, Hungary,1053
All Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest Klotild Palace (Hotel lobby) Vaci Utca 34,Budapest, Hungary,1052
All Burg Hotel (Hotel lobby) Szentharomsag Ter 7-8,Budapest, Hungary,H-1014
All Canada Hotel Kft (Hotel lobby) Soroksari Utca 132,Budapest, Hungary,1095
All Carat Boutique Hotel (Hotel lobby) Király Utca 6,Budapest, Hungary,1061
All Carlton (Hotel lobby) Apor Peter Utca 3,Budapest, Hungary,H-1011
All Casa Sol Hotel - Apartments (Hotel lobby) Baross Utca 108,Budapest, Hungary,1082
All Castle Garden (Hotel lobby) Lovas Utca 41,Budapest, Hungary,1012
All Central Basilica Hotel (Hotel lobby) Hercegprimas street 8,Budapest, Hungary,1051
All Central Green Hotel (Hotel lobby) Sziv Utca 13,Budapest, Hungary,1063
All Central Hotel 21 (Hotel lobby) Maria Street 10,Budapest, Hungary,1085
All Chesscom Hotel (Hotel lobby) Bartok Bela Utca 5,Budapest, Hungary,1191
All City Center Guesthouse Budapest (Hotel lobby) Csengery Utca 53,Budapest, Hungary,1067
All City Gardens Apartments (Hotel lobby) O Utca 43,Budapest, Hungary,1066
All City Hostel Buda (Hotel lobby) Szuret Utca 2,Budapest, Hungary,1118
All City Hostel Budapest (Hotel lobby) Király Utca, 20,Budapest, Hungary,H-1061
All City Hostel Corvin (Hotel lobby) Tavaszmező Utca 7-13,Budapest, Hungary,1084
All City Hostel Flora (Hotel lobby) Harsfa Utca 59/B,Budapest, Hungary,1072
All City Hostel Pest (Hotel lobby) Raday Street 43,Budapest, Hungary,1092
All City Hotel Budapest - Aparthotel (Hotel lobby) Harsfa Street 51,Budapest, Hungary,1074
All City Hotel Matyas (Hotel lobby) Marcius 15. tér 8.,Budapest, Hungary,1056
All City Hotel Pilvax (Hotel lobby) Pilvax 1-3,Budapest, Hungary,1052
All City Hotel Ring (Hotel lobby) Szent István Krt. 22,Budapest, Hungary,1137
All City Inn (Hotel lobby) Futo Utca 55,Budapest, Hungary,1082
All City-Hotel (Hotel lobby) Hársfa Utca 51,Budapest, Hungary,1074
All Continental Hotel Zara (Hotel lobby) Dohany Utca 42-44,Budapest, Hungary,1074
All Corinthia Hotel Budapest (Hotel lobby) Erzsebet krt 43-49,Budapest, Hungary,1073
All Corvin (Hotel lobby) Angyal Utca 31,Budapest, Hungary,1094
All Cosmo Fashion Hotel (Hotel lobby) Vaci Utca 77,Budapest, Hungary,1056
All Courtyard by Marriott Budapest City (Hotel lobby) Jozsef Korut 5,Budapest, Hungary,1138
All Danubius Grand Margitsziget (Hotel lobby) Margitsziget (Margaret Island),Budapest, Hungary
All Danubius Health Spa Resort Helia (Hotel lobby) Karpat Utca 62-64,Budapest, Hungary,1133
All Danubius Hotel Arena - Budapest (Hotel lobby) Ifjusag Utca 1-3,Budapest, Hungary,1148
All Danubius Hotel Astoria (Hotel lobby) Kossuth Lajos Utca 19-21,Budapest, Hungary,1053
All Danubius Hotel Budapest (Hotel lobby) Szilagyi Erzsebet Fasor 47,Budapest, Hungary,1026
All Danubius Hotel Flamenco (Hotel lobby) Tas Vezer Utca 3-7,Budapest, Hungary,1113
All Danubius Hotel Gellert (Hotel lobby) Szent Gellert Ter 1,Budapest, Hungary,1111
All Danubius Resort Margitsziget Thermal (Hotel lobby) Margitsziget 3,Budapest, Hungary,1138
All Dominik Panzio (Hotel lobby) Chazar A.u.3,Budapest, Hungary,1146
All Eben Hotel (Hotel lobby) Nagy Lajos Király Utja 15-17,Budapest, Hungary,1148
All Erzsebet Hotel City Center (Hotel lobby) Karolyi Mihaly 11-15,Budapest, Hungary,1053
All Estilo Fashion Hotel Budapest (Hotel lobby) Vaci Utca 83,Budapest, Hungary,1056
All Eurostars Budapest Center (Hotel lobby) Utca Kossuth Lajos 7-9,Budapest, Hungary,1053
All Expo Congress (Hotel lobby) Expo Ter 2, Albertirsai Utca 10,Budapest, Hungary,1101
All Far Home Apartments (Hotel lobby) Thököly Utca 31-33 Portal C,Budapest, Hungary,1146
All Fortuna Boat Hotel (Hotel lobby) Szent Istvan Park,Budapest, Hungary,1137
All Four Seasons Gresham Palace (Hotel lobby) Széchenyi István Tér 5-6,Budapest, Hungary,1051
All Fraser Residence (Hotel lobby) Nagytemplom Utca 31,Budapest, Hungary,1082
All Garay Terrace Residence (Hotel lobby) Garay Ter 20,Budapest, Hungary,1076
All Gellert (Hotel lobby) Gellert Ter1,Budapest, Hungary,1111
All Gerand Hotel Touring (Hotel lobby) Punkosdfurdo 38,Budapest, Hungary,1039
All Gloria Hotel City Center (Hotel lobby) Blathy Otto Street, 22,Budapest, Hungary,1089
All Gold Hotel Wine&Dine (Hotel lobby) Hegyalja út 14,Budapest, Hungary,1016
All Golden Park Hotel (Hotel lobby) Ter Baross 10,Budapest, Hungary,1087
All Gozsdu Court (Hotel lobby) Kiraly Utca 13,Budapest, Hungary,1075
All Green Hotel Budapest (Hotel lobby) Kerepesi Utca 34,Budapest, Hungary,1148
All Helios Panzio (Hotel lobby) Liderc Utca 5,Budapest, Hungary,1121
All Hilton Budapest (Hotel lobby) Hess A Ter 1-3,Budapest, Hungary,1014
All Hilton Budapest City (Hotel lobby) Váci Utca 1-3,Budapest, Hungary,1062
All Hilton Budapest Westend Hotel (Hotel lobby) Utca Vaci 1,Budapest, Hungary,1062
All Holiday Beach Budapest Wellness (Hotel lobby) Piroska Street 3-5, III. DISTRICT 3-5,Budapest, Hungary,1039
All Hotel Amadeus (Hotel lobby) Fogarasi Utca 123,Budapest, Hungary,1051
All Hotel Ambra (Hotel lobby) 13 Kis Diofa Street,Budapest, Hungary,1077
All Hotel Charles (Hotel lobby) Utca Hegyalja 23,Budapest, Hungary,1016
All Hotel Fortuna (Hotel lobby) Gyali Ut 3/B,Budapest, Hungary,1097
All Hotel Gloria Budapest (Hotel lobby) Blathy Otto Utca 22,Budapest, Hungary,1089
All Hotel Luna (Hotel lobby) Vegyesz Utca 17,Budapest, Hungary,1116
All Hotel Museum (Hotel lobby) Trefort utca 2.,Budapest, Hungary,1088
All Hotel Nemzeti Budapest - MGallery Collection (Hotel lobby) Jozsef Krt. 4,Budapest, Hungary,1088
All Hotel Normafa (Hotel lobby) Eotvos Utca 52-54,Budapest, Hungary,1121
All Hotel Parlament (Hotel lobby) Kalman Imre Utca 19,Budapest, Hungary,1054
All Hotel Swing City (Hotel lobby) Ferenc Korut 19,Budapest, Hungary,1094
All Hotel Vitta Superior (Hotel lobby) Vaci út 27-29.,Budapest, Hungary,1047
All Hunguest Hotel Griff (Hotel lobby) Bartok Bela út 152,Budapest, Hungary,1113
All Iberostar Grand Hotel (Hotel lobby) Oktober 6, 26,Budapest, Hungary,1051
All Ibis Budapest Aero (Hotel lobby) Ferde Utca 1-3,Budapest, Hungary,1091
All Ibis Budapest Centrum (Hotel lobby) Raday Utca 6,Budapest, Hungary,1092
All Ibis Budapest City (Hotel lobby) Utca Akacfa 1-3,Budapest, Hungary,1072
All Ibis Budapest Heroes Square (Hotel lobby) Dozsa Gyorgy Utca 106,Budapest, Hungary,1068
All Inn Side Hotel Kalvin House (Hotel lobby) Gonczy Pal Utca 6,Budapest, Hungary,1093
All InterContinental Budapest (Hotel lobby) Apaczai Csere Janos 12-14,Budapest, Hungary,1368
All Jagello Hotel (Hotel lobby) Jagello Utca 38,Budapest, Hungary,1124
All Judit Apartment (Hotel lobby) Victor Hugo Street 25-27,Budapest, Hungary,1132
All K K Hotel Opera (Hotel lobby) Revay Utca 24,Budapest, Hungary,1065
All Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest (Hotel lobby) Erzsebet Ter 7-8,Budapest, Hungary,1051
All King Apartments (Hotel lobby) Király Utca 32,Budapest, Hungary,1061
All King´s Hotel (Hotel lobby) Nagydiofa Utca 25-27,Budapest, Hungary,1072
All Korona Pension (Hotel lobby) Sasadi út 123.,Budapest, Hungary,SASADI UT 123
All La Prima Fashion Hotel (Hotel lobby) Piarista Utca 6,Budapest, Hungary,1052
All Lanchid 19 Design Hotel (Hotel lobby) Lanchid Utca 19,Budapest, Hungary,1013
All Le Meridien Budapest (Hotel lobby) Erzsebet Ter 9-10,Budapest, Hungary,1051
All Leonardo Hotel Budapest (Hotel lobby) Tompa Street 30-34,Budapest, Hungary
All Like Home City Centre Style Apartments (Hotel lobby) Irányi utca 19-23,Budapest, Hungary,1056
All Like Home Opera Apartments (Hotel lobby) Terez Korut 19,Budapest, Hungary,1065
All Lions Garden (Hotel lobby) Chazar Andras Utca 4,Budapest, Hungary,1146
All Locust Tree Apartments (Hotel lobby) Akacfa Utca 26,Budapest, Hungary,1074
All LOL Boutique Hostel City Center (Hotel lobby) O Utca 14,Budapest, Hungary,1066
All Lucky (Hotel lobby) Vezer u. 180,Budapest, Hungary,1148
All Mamaison Hotel Andrassy (Hotel lobby) Andrassy út 111.,Budapest, Hungary,1063
All Mamaison Residence Izabella (Hotel lobby) Izabella Utca 61,Budapest, Hungary,1064
All Marco Polo Hostel (Hotel lobby) Nyar Utca 6,Budapest, Hungary,1072
All Marmara Design Hotel (Hotel lobby) Nagy Ignac Utca 21,Budapest, Hungary,1055
All Marriott Budapest Hotel (Hotel lobby) Apaczai Csere Janos Utca 4,Budapest, Hungary,1052
All Mediterran (Hotel lobby) Budaorsi Utca 20/a,Budapest, Hungary,1118
All Mercure Budapest Buda Hotel (Hotel lobby) Krisztina Korut 41-43,Budapest, Hungary,1013
All Mercure Budapest City Center (Hotel lobby) Vaci Utca 20,Budapest, Hungary,1052
All Mercure Budapest Duna (Hotel lobby) Utca Soroksari 12,Budapest, Hungary,1095
All Mercure Budapest Korona Hotel (Hotel lobby) Kecskemeti Utca 14,Budapest, Hungary,1053
All Mercure Budapest Metropol (Hotel lobby) Rakoczi út 58.,Budapest, Hungary,1074
All Millennium Court - Marriott Executive (Hotel lobby) Pesti Barnabas Utca 4,Budapest, Hungary,1052
All Mirage Fashion Hotel Superior (Hotel lobby) Dózsa György út 88.,Budapest, Hungary,1068
All Molnar Hotel (Hotel lobby) Fodor Utca 143,Budapest, Hungary,1124
All Nemzeti MGallery (Hotel lobby) Jozsef krt. 4,Budapest, Hungary,1088
All NH Budapest (Hotel lobby) Vigszinhaz Utca 3,Budapest, Hungary,1137
All Nova Apartments (Hotel lobby) Akafca Utca 26,Budapest, Hungary,1072
All Novotel Budapest Centrum (Hotel lobby) Rákóczi Utca 43-45,Budapest, Hungary,1088
All Novotel Budapest City (Hotel lobby) Alikotas Utca 63-67,Budapest, Hungary,1123
All Novotel Budapest Congress (Hotel lobby) Alkotas Utca 63-67,Budapest, Hungary,1123
All Novotel Budapest Danube (Hotel lobby) Bem Rakpart 33 34,Budapest, Hungary,1027
All Opera Garden Hotel (Hotel lobby) Hajos Utca 24,Budapest, Hungary,1065
All Opera Metro (Hotel lobby) Dessewffy Utca 5,Budapest, Hungary,1066
All Opera Residence (Hotel lobby) Ó utca 24-26.,Budapest, Hungary,1066
All Oriental Hotel (Hotel lobby) Fáy utca 61.,Budapest, Hungary,1135
All Palazzo Zichy (Hotel lobby) Lorinc Pap Ter 2,Budapest, Hungary,1088
All Park Inn by Radisson Budapest (Hotel lobby) Szekszardi Utca 16-18,Budapest, Hungary,1138
All Parliament (Parliament Visitor’s Centre entrance (1055 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos Square). Cityrama’s representative is awaiting guests with a Cityrama „Parliament Tour” sign.)
All Polus (Hotel lobby) Szentmihalyi Utca 131,Budapest, Hungary,1152
All Prater Residence (Hotel lobby) Prater utca 24,Budapest, Hungary,1083
All Premium Apartment House (Hotel lobby) Orszagbiro utca 44-46.,Budapest, Hungary,1139
All President (Hotel lobby) Hold Utca 3-5,Budapest, Hungary,1054
All Prestige Hotel Budapest (Hotel lobby) Vigyázó Ferenc utca 5.,Budapest,1051
All Private Tours (Tour departs from your hotel, please wait at the reception!) Budapest Hotel,Budapest, Hungary
All Promenade City Hotel (Hotel lobby) Váci utca 22.,Budapest, Hungary,1052
All Queen's Court Hotel & Residence (Hotel lobby) Dob Utca 63,Budapest, Hungary,1074
All Radisson Blu Béke Hotel (Hotel lobby) Terez Krt 43,Budapest, Hungary,1067
All Regency Suites Hotel Budapest (Hotel lobby) Madách Tér 2,Budapest, Hungary,1075
All Regnum Residence (Hotel lobby) Ganz Utca 8,Budapest, Hungary,1025
All Residence Baron (Hotel lobby) So Utca 4,Budapest, Hungary,1056
All Rila Hotel (Hotel lobby) Feher Hollo Utca 2,Budapest, Hungary,1097
All Romai Budapest Hotel (Hotel lobby) Szent Janos Utca 16,Budapest, Hungary,1039
All Roombach Hotel Budapest Center (Hotel lobby) Rumbach Sebestyén utca 14.,Budapest,1075
All Royal Park Boutique Hotel (Hotel lobby) Nefelejts utca 6.,Budapest, Hungary,1078
All Rubin Hotel (Hotel lobby) Dayka Gabor utca 3.,Budapest, Hungary,1118
All Senator APT Budapest (Hotel lobby) Kiraly Street 8,Budapest, Hungary,1061
All Silver Hotel Budapest City Center (Hotel lobby) Hunyadi Ter 11,Budapest, Hungary,1067
All Sissi (Hotel lobby) Angyal Utca 33,Budapest, Hungary,1094
All Six Inn (Hotel lobby) Rozsa Utca 85,Budapest, Hungary,1064
All Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge (Hotel lobby) Szechényi István Tér 2,Budapest, Hungary,1051
All Soho Boutique Hotel (Hotel lobby) Dohany Utca 64,Budapest, Hungary,1047
All St. George Residence - All Suite Hotel DeLuxe (Hotel lobby) Fortuna utca 4.,Budapest, Hungary,1014
All Star City Hotel (Hotel lobby) Istvan Utca 14,Budapest, Hungary,1078
All Star Inn Hotel Budapest Centrum (Hotel lobby) Dessewffy Utca 36,Budapest, Hungary,1066
All Starlight Suiten Hotel (Hotel lobby) Merleg Utca 6,Budapest, Hungary,1051
All The Aquincum Hotel Budapest (Hotel lobby) Arpad Fejedelem Utja 94,Budapest, Hungary,1036
All The Three Corners Hotel Art (Hotel lobby) Kiralyi Pal Utca 12,Budapest, Hungary,1053
All Thomas Budapest Center Hotel (Hotel lobby) Liliom Utca 44,Budapest, Hungary,1094
All Tulip Inn Budapest Millennium (Hotel lobby) Ulloi Utca 94-98,Budapest, Hungary,1089
All Unio (Hotel lobby) Dob Utca 73,Budapest, Hungary,1077
All Victor Apartment Hotel (Hotel lobby) Victor Hugo Str. 25,Budapest, Hungary,1132
All Victoria Hotel (Hotel lobby) Bem Rakpart 11.,Budapest, Hungary,1011
All Vis Vitalis Medical Wellness Hotel (Hotel lobby) Szabadsag Utca 102,Budapest, Hungary,2144
All Vivaldi Apartments Budapest (Hotel lobby) Likőr utca 4.,Budapest, Hungary,1094
All Williams Village Country Club (Hotel lobby) Kisfaludy utca 16,Budapest, Hungary,1044
All Zenit Budapest Palace (Hotel lobby) Apaczai Csere János Utca 7,Budapest, Hungary,1052
All Zuglo Hotel (Hotel lobby) Nagy Lajos Kiraly Utca 204,Budapest, Hungary,1149

Package Includes

  • 3-hour-long City Tour
  • Guided tour of the House of Parliament
  • Arrival/Departure transfer from your hotel to airport/pier/station

Package Excludes

  • Lunch
  • Optional gratuities
Special Notes
  • This tour is available in English, German, Italian, French and Spanish daily at 10:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.
  • Children younger than 2 years old may participate for free.
  • Pick-up service 30 minutes before the tour starts.
  • Cancellation made within 48 hours’ of service date will be charged in full; More than 48 hours’ notice is fully refundable.
  • Present your voucher upon arrival.
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* Adults: 13 and older
* Children: 3-12
* Children from ages 0-2 years old may participate in the tour for free.
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