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The Travel on a Dime Blueprint, by Tours4fun

What's Your Best Travel on a Dime Tip?

We asked influential travel bloggers to give us their best budget travel tip.
here are the results:

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Terri Fogarty

Terri Fogarty

Hi I'm Terri Fogarty from EuropeUpClose.com and my best tip for saving money when traveling is:

Act like a local.

Take public transportation
Get your lunch from street vendors or grocery stores and enjoy a picnic
When you do eat out, eat where the locals eat, and that means off the main tourist thoroughfares.
Be sure to get the Prix fixe menu... this is the restaurant's bargain meal
And, take advantage of all the free things in the city: concerts in churches, museum free-days and markets all offer a free and real glimpse into the life of the local community.How do you find out about all this? The local tourist office. It should be your first stop when you get to a city or town.

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What's the best way to travel on the cheap? Pick the right destination. As the author of The World's Cheapest Destinations, I know a few things about how to travel well for less. The most important factor though is not how you go, but where.

For what you would spend for a one-week vacation in Japan, you can travel around Thailand for a month. A nice dinner in Western Europe will cost you more than days of restaurant meals in much of Central and South America. For the price of one beer in Denmark, you could buy a round for yourself and five friends in Mexico, the Czech Republic, or Vietnam.

If you are traveling in a wealthy country, remember that smaller cities and towns are far less expensive

than the biggest cities. A routine chain hotel that's $400 a night in New York City may be $150 in St. Louis or Tucson. The $200 meal in Paris could easily be half that or less in the French countryside, with a bottle of wine included.

Pick your destinations wisely and you live it up on a small budget.

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This is Brian of NoDebtWorldTravel.com with my Travel on a Dime tip. Now you may not realize it, but the best days to fly to get the cheapest fares are usually Tuesday and Wednesday. But even more importantly, you also want to take the earliest flight from your airport. The reason is, it's a cheap flight usually, and two the plane is already on the ground at the airport waiting for you. If you take a 1PM flight or later on in the day, there is a better chance for a delay, snow condition, mechanical problem, something else that can delay your flight. So always take the earliest flight you can get and get the cheapest fare at the same time.

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Ashley and Aron

Ashley and Aron

This is Aron and Ashley from www.hitherandthither.net

One of our favorite ways to get around a city is on foot. When we're traveling, we make walking an event, rather than simply a means to an end. Wherever you are, try making the city itself the sight.

We like to put together our own walking tour ahead of time, marking up a printed map with points of interest. These usually include some expected tourist attractions, but rather than relying exclusively on a guidebook, we look to alternative sources to help us find unexpected points of interest.

Magazines like Bon Appetit, Vanity Fair, Architectural Digest, or Lucky Magazine, and blogs written by locals or by people whose style you appreciate--can be good sources for finding hot spots. Even if

you're not into shopping, a tip for a cool new store may lead you to a neighborhood with other hidden gems. Besides giving you an insight into how locals get around and spend their day, window shopping is free!

Happy traveling!

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Carol Cain

Carol Cain

Hi! I'm Carol Cain, Founder and Publisher of The Adventures of a New York City Mama. Here are my tips for saving money when visiting New York:

If you're looking for good food, make sure to get out of the tourist areas and head into areas such as Chinatown or the outer boroughs, such as Queens or Brooklyn. Here you will find a great selection of food for a lesser price.

Also, make sure to check out the museum websites for dates on their free admissions and/or discounted rates.

Lastly, if you're looking to enjoy a Broadway show, make sure to check out the TKTS booth located in Times Square.

I hope you enjoy your stay in New York.

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Claire and Iain

Claire and Iain

Claire: Hi, this is Claire from OldWorldWandering.com.

Iain: And this is Iain.

Claire: Old World Wandering is a website about our experiences during an 18 month journey that we did from London to Shanghai.

Iain: We traveled over land and we managed to travel for very little. I think our basic approach was to have a daily budget that we stuck to and that we managed to reduce over time. I think this really hit home when we were in Delhi and my family had come to visit. We took them to a dhaba style restaurant, that we thought was quite normal by then, and my mother thought it was so disgusting that she burst into tears.

Claire: By the end of our time in India, during the ninth month, we were spending just 7 dollars a day for both of us. At that stage we were living in the simplest accommodation, and we really had gotten used to eating local vegetarian Indian food. We always traveled on the cheapest overnight trains and on beds without linen or air conditioning.

Iain: When we arrived in India we were spending about four times as much and living quite differently, but I think that over time there were a lot of things that we got used to doing without.

Claire: So that's our advice. Don't start yourself off on a tiny budget, ease yourself in. Being a vagabond takes practice.

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Hi, this is Flip from FlipNomad.com. My best tip on How to Travel on a Dime is: Ask.

I traveled on my own for six months in eight Asian countries last year. I figured that if I kept paying my own accommodations by myself, I would run out of money fast. I took all the guts that I had and started asking people that I met if they would like to share a room with me. That act saved me a lot of money. I also asked hostel staff for discounts, and more often than not, they gave me discounts for rooms and other things as well. Last year when I was in Chengdu, the hostel informed me that if you buy a panda card for only 1 Yuan, you'll get free entrance into the Panda Conservation Center and to some other tourist spots as well. That act saved me a lot of money. So on your next trip don't forget to ask. Ask for discounts, ask for free stuff, ask for anything, and you might get some freebies.

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Anil Polat

Anil Polat

One of the best ways to save money on airfare is to be flexible. Try looking for the same flight on different days of the week or booking individual legs of your flight separately. One good tool to do this is called Kayak Explore and is one I use frequently; saving me money on each flight.

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Jeannie Mark

Jeannie Mark

Hi there, I'm Jeannie Mark of Nomadic Chick and I'm here to give you a couple of budget tips when you're traveling. One of the things I do on the road is self-cater. And what is that? Basically, if you're staying at a hostel or house-sitting, go out and buy groceries. It's a great way to meet locals and find out what locals are eating, and if you suck at cooking, it doesn't matter because you're the only one eating it! Cook that food and you've got leftovers. It's a great way to budget over a week or a month or so. And if you can, try to self-cater alcohol if you can, because let's face it, alcohol can be pricey. So, instead of going to the pub every night, come back to where you're staying with your booze and have wonderful and safe travels. Bye!

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Carolyn Scott-Hamilton

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton

Hi, I'm Carolyn Scott, also known as The Healthy Voyager from HealthyVoyager.com.

I'd like to share some of my healthy and eco travel tips that can also save you money:

Pack your comfiest shoes and walk as much as you can. You get in some exercise while lowering your carbon footprint, and save money on car rentals, cabs and public transportation.
Pack healthy snacks such as trail mixes and bars. Snacks will keep you satisfied between meals and keep you from spending money on unhealthy junk and convenience foods.
Pack your bpa free or glass water bottle. Bpa free and glass bottles are much healthier then plastic and will save you a nice chunk of change by filling them up at your hotel as opposed to buying bottled water throughout your trip. In addition, it keeps excess trash out of the landfills

Please visit HealthyVoyager.comm for more tips like these and I wish you happy, healthy and green travels!

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Hi! This is Nora Dunn, from The Professional Hobo.com - I travel full-time in a financially sustainable way, and I've been doing it since 2007.

One of my best secrets for traveling on a dime is to find free accommodation! You can get free accommodation in a number of different ways, but as you'd probably expect, nothing is truly for free.

Instead, you volunteer your time in trade for your accommodation, and sometimes even food and incidental expenses are covered too!

I've painted murals, milked goats, designed marketing plans, cleaned cottages, house-sat, walked dogs, led eco-treks, run commercial kitchens, and taught conversational English - all in trade for my accommodation, and in some cases my meals as well.

By volunteering in trade for your accommodation, you can stretch your travel dollar, stay away a little longer, and possibly have a deeper travel experience by getting that little extra bit off the tourist trail.

Cheers, from Nora Dunn, The Professional Hobo.

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Hi there, my name is Anthony from TheTravelTart.com, and this is my Travel on a Dime Tip for Tours4Fun.

So basically, if you want to save some money on the road, you should be able to wear a single piece of underwear at least 4 times before washing is required.

That's right; you can wear Frontwards, Backwards, Inside Out Frontwards, and Inside Out Backwards. Actually, I'm joking, you don't need to do that, I don't want to smell that much!

But actually, if you want to have a lot of fun and have a lot of laughs that are pretty cheap, I've actually got a remote controlled fart machine and one thing that you do find is that fart jokes are universal, so if

you plant this anywhere, like in any hostel dorm, you'll find that everyone will have a good laugh.

See what I mean? So there you go, there's my travel tip!

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