Why and when do we request supporting documentation from you?
Tours4Fun.com takes every precaution to protect your security. In order to continue to provide you with our lowest possible price and protect you against credit card fraud, we require the following documentation if one of the following applies to your purchase. Failure to provide the required verification documents for a reservation will result in the automatic cancellation of your reservation with cancellation fees incurred based on the cancellation date:
• Credit card holder is NOT one of the guests who will join the tour
• Your billing address CANNOT be verified by our system
• Credit card transaction amount is more than $4,000.00
What supporting documentation is required?
1. A photocopy of the credit card holder's photo ID (valid photo ID includes US-issued Driver's License or US-issued Photo ID or National Passport with signature page)
2. A filled-out and dated Credit Card Holder Verification Form signed by the credit card holder.
3. A copy of the guest's passport if credit card holder is NOT one of the guests who will join the tour
Three ways to send information to us:
Email: Scan or take digital pictures of required documents and email verification@tours4fun.com
Mail: Tours4fun
1151 W. 5th Street, #N100,
Azusa, CA, 91702
Phone: 1-866-933-7368 (US&Canada), 1-626-389-8668 (International)
Fax: 1-626-552-3713
Fax: 1-626-552-3713
We thank you in advance for your time.
Please note supporting documentation needs to be received prior to issuance of an E-Ticket.
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